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Johns Hopkins SAIS is actively monitoring the global COVID-19 outbreak, focusing on the health and well-being of the university community. CLICK HERE for additional information, including spring semester reopening plans.

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Tuition and Financial Aid| Four-Course Certificates and Non-Degree Programs

We understand that attending graduate school is a serious commitment of time and money. However, we strongly believe that attending Johns Hopkins SAIS is one of the most valuable investments you can make towards your future.

Individual Courses

Tuition is charged per semester based on the number of credits you’re enrolling in. The graduate certificate requires four courses—or 16 total credits—in order to complete the program.  See Requirements to learn more. 

Per Course Tuition | Based on 2 or 4-credit courses

Term 2-Credit or Language Course 4-Credit Course
Fall 2020/Spring 2021* $3,368.75 $6,737.50
Summer 2021 N/A $4,900

*Subject to change. Tuition and fees are finalized by the Board of Trustees each May.

Part-time certificate students may enroll in courses over consecutive terms, skip terms, or complete the certificate over multiple years. Tuition rates will be updated each year.  
2020-2021 Part-Time Tuition* | Based on four courses (16 credits) total

  Fall Term Spring Term Summer Term Fees Total
Example 1 (2 spring/2 summer) $0 $13,475 $9,800 $0 $23,275
Example 2 (1 fall/1 spring/2 summer) $6,737.50 $6,737.50 $9,800 $0 $23,275
Example 3 (1 fall/2 spring/1 summer) $6,737.50 $13,475 $4,900 $0 $25,113
Example 4 (2 fall/2 spring) $13,475 $13,475 $0 $0 $26,950

*Examples are based on fall 2020, spring 2021, and summer 2021 tuition rates.

2020-2021 Full-Time Tuition | Based on four courses (16 credits) total

Direct Charges Fall or Spring Semester
Full-Time Tuition (16 credits)* $26,950
Student Health Insurance $1,208
Student Services Fee $450
Total Direct Charges $28,608

*Subject to change. Tuition and fees are finalized by the Board of Trustees each May.
 Calculation based on fall 2020 and spring 2021 tuition rates.

Student Services Fee

Accelerated certificate students must pay a prorated student services fee for the semester that they are enrolled. Students then gain access to all of the same amenities of a degree student including career coaching, skills courses, career treks, and access to Handshake, the online job search portal for Hopkins students.
Academic Year 2020-2021 Student Fee
$450 for the semester

Student Health Insurance

Health insurance is required for all students and is automatically billed. Students must provide proof of insurance in order to waive out of the automatic charges. Students on F-1/J-1 visas are ineligible to waive student health insurance.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is only available to certificate students. US citizens or eligible non-citizens may receive Federal Student Aid. Students will need to apply for the FAFSA and meet the following criteria: Certificate students must have an enrollment status of at least "Half-time" in order to qualify for financial aid.

  • For fall & spring terms this equals eight credits (generally the equivalent of two classes)
  • For summer term this equals four credits (generally the equivalent of one class)

Alumni Discount

Johns Hopkins SAIS degree-program alumni and those who have completed either the SAIS Europe Diploma or Nanjing Certificate are eligible to receive a 50 percent tuition discount on all fall and spring courses, provided there is space available for their enrollment. Alumni receive a 30 percent tuition discount on summer courses. Alumni may not transfer credits from courses taken on a non-degree basis with this discount to an additional Johns Hopkins SAIS degree program.