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Concentrations and Languages

Students in the following programs may choose any language offered in either of the campuses to satisfy the proficiency requirement:

  • American Foreign Policy
  • Conflict Management
  • Energy, Resources and Environment
  • Global Theory and History
  • International Development
  • International Law & Organizations
  • International Political Economy
  • International Relations
  • Strategic Studies

The following chart indicates the languages you may use to satisfy language requirements with respect to particular concentrations. Students who are a native speaker of a language required by their concentration may use any other language taught at the school (including English) to fulfill their proficiency requirement:

Concentration Required Language
African Studies Arabic, French, Portuguese
Canadian Studies French 
China Studies Chinese
European and Eurasian Studies English, French, German, Italian , Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian (for Russia & Eurasia track)
Japan Studies Japanese
Korea Studies Korean
Latin American Studies Spanish or Portuguese
Middle East Studies Arabic, Farsi, Hindi-Urdu (optional)
South Asia Studies Hindi-Urdu, Farsi
Southeast Asia Studies Indonesian, Thai, Burmese, or Vietnamese