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In the News, September 6 - October 6, 2015

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‘In the News’ is a roundup of recent media coverage featuring the Johns Hopkins SAIS community and is produced and distributed several times a month by the Office of Marketing, Communications, and Strategic Initiatives.

September 6 October 6, 2015

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The Diplomat cites a study by Director of SAIS Europe Michael G. Plummer on the Trans-Pacific Partnership's projected economic impact to China. The Diplomat, 10/6/2015.

Student Gerd Gensbichler published an article on public-private data sharing, ‘Trusted Information Brokerage in the Times of the Snowden-Effect Dilemma.’ Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, 10/6/2015.

Global Policy Program Director Daniel S. Markey comments on the bombing of a hospital in Afghanistan that killed patients and members of international charity, Doctors Without Borders. Time, 10/5/2015. 

In The Great Game Comes to Syria, Center for Strategic Studies Practitioner-in-Residence John McLaughlin outlines five reasons Russia is intervening in the Syrian conflict., 10/4/2015.
Center for Strategic Studies Practitioner-in-Residence John McLaughlin and Dean Vali Nasr examine U.S. military efforts to train ISIS opponents in the Middle East. New York Times, 10/4/2015.
Dean Vali Nasr discusses how Russia’s intervention ‘Resets the Chessboard in Syria’. Euronews, 10/2/2015.
Center for Canadian Studies Director Chris Sands and student Jesse N. Barnett comment on the near-term prospects for alternative fuels. Energy Magazine, 10/1/2015.
Radio Free Europe cites Dean Vali Nasr’s recent op-ed, in Putin’s Strategy in Syria: Clever Gambit or Doomed Game Plan? Radio Free Europe, 10/1/2015.
Reports from the U.S.-Korea Institute are cited in Blast from the Past. The Economist, 10/1/2015.
Foreign Policy Institute Fellow Randa Selim argues that the Assad regime is leveraging the threat of ISIL, in How To Solve a Problem Like Syria? Yahoo News, 10/1/2015.
Dean Vali Nasr appears on CNN to discuss Russian airstrikes in Syria and the response in Washington. CNN, 10/1/2015.
As Russia begins airstrikes in Syria, Dean Vali Nasr comments on how the diplomatic calculus has changed.
CNN, 9/30/2015.
Center for Transatlantic Relations Senior Fellow Donald Jensen argues that in Syria, Putin is strongly playing a weak hand. Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 9/30/2015.
Insecurity in the Niger Delta is at the top of a long list of concerns for new Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari, according to students Dafe Oputu and David Landry., 9/29/2015.
The best U.S. response to Russia’s interventions in Syria is letting the Russians double down on a bad bet, argues Senior Research Professor of Conflict Management Daniel Serwer. The Arab Weekly, 9/25/2015.
PhD candidate Nathaniel D. F. Allen shares positive steps Western nations can take in Nigeria’s conflict with Boko Haram. African Arguments, 9/25/2015.
Visiting Scholar Rohullah Osmani asks, ‘Is the Iran nuclear deal a threat or an opportunity’ to the TAPI pipeline? Central Asia and Caucasus Analyst, 9/25/2015.
Alumnus Charles Gillig is profiled for a series on tech entrepreneurs., 9/25/2015.
Senior Research Professor of Conflict Management Daniel Serwer comments on the U.S. response to the Syrian refugee crisis. Voice of America, 9/24/2015.
Riordan Roett, director of the Latin American Studies program, commends South American nations for opening their doors to Syrian refugees. Christian Science Monitor, 9/23/2015.
Center for Transatlantic Relations Managing Director András Simonyi appears on Newsmax to discuss growing strife over the Syrian refugee crisis. Newsmax, 9/23/2015.
China Studies Program Director David Lampton spoke with the Global Times in advance of a White House visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping. Global Times, 9/21/2015.
On MSNBC, Senior Research Professor of Conflict Management Daniel Serwer discusses the U.S. response to the Syrian refugee crisis. MSNBC Andrea Mitchell Reports, 9/21/2015.
Christina Lin, fellow of the Center for Transatlantic Relations, examines reports of Chinese Uyghurs being recruited to wage jihad in Syria. Times of Israel, 9/19/2015.
US Should Reconfigure Program to Train-Equip 'Moderate' Syrian Rebels, according to Senior Research Professor of Conflict Management Daniel Serwer., 9/18/2015.

African Studies Lecturer Seth D. Kaplan writes on the Sustainable Development Goals recently adopted by the United Nations. IPI Global Observatory, 9/17/2015. 
European and Eurasian Studies Scholar-in-Residence James Mann comments on America’s Painfully Outdated Approach to China. Washington Post, 9/17/2015.
Alumna Galina Sotirova is appointed World Bank representative for Jamaica. Jamaica Observer, 9/16/2015.
Strategic Studies Professor Michael S. Chase shares perspective on the recent military force reduction announced in China. The RAND Blog, 9/15/2015.

Senior Research Professor of International Economics Anne O. Krueger discusses the worsening economic conditions in Puerto Rico. The Gulf-Times, 9/14/2015.
Alumna and Nigeria Social Violence Project researcher Hilary Matfess examines Chinese investments in Africa. Washington Post, 9/9/2015.
Korea Studies Professor Lim Eun-jung discusses the wave of Korean influence in American politics. The Korea Times, 9/8/2015.
Professor and Foreign Policy Institute Director Carla Freeman considers challenges the next U.S. president will face in relations with Asia. The Gulf Time, 9/6/2015.
Student Josh Ahyong makes the case for a Philippine response to the Syrian refugee crisis., 9/6/2015.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015