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COVID19 Update: Faculty and Staff

Washington DC 

Dean Cohen announced on July 17 that Washington DC-based classes and activities will take place in virtual and online formats for the Fall 2020 semester.  

While the University remains open, our guidance is that telework should continue to be the first choice for as many employees as possible and employees should be on site only when performing essential tasks. Positions that are considered essential on-site and serve in a mission-critical role will be permitted to return to campus. 

Phase 2 will allow for resuming medium-risk on-campus activities.  The planning and guidance for Phase 2 is currently in process. While the planning work for Phase 2 re-opening is underway, I recommend you review the JHU Return to Campus Guidance here that provides a wealth of information on recommended health and safety protocols to put in place as we begin our gradual, multiphase resumption of on-campus activities. 

For comprehensive information on campus operations, health and safety of employees, employees’ read the Johns Hopkins University Phases for Resuming On-Campus Activity

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