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Trade Wars: The Global Menace

September 30, 2019 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Robert Koopman
World Trade Organization, Switzerland
International Economics Series
Robert B. Koopman serves as the Chief Economist and Director of the Economic Research and Statistics Division at the World Trade Organization.

In this post Koopman provides the Secretariat and Member Countries with analysis and information that promotes a deeper understanding of trade and trade policy's role in economic growth and development.

Prior to this post he served as the Director of Operations and Chief Operating Officer for the United States International Trade Commission. Koopman oversaw the Commission's trade policy research and negotiation assistance to the President, the US Trade Representative, and Congress; antidumping, countervailing duty, and safeguard investigations; intellectual property investigations; maintenance and analysis of the Harmonized Tariff System, as well as the agency's strategic planning and performance measurement initiatives. He also previously served as the Chief Economist and Director of the USITC Office of Economics, and numerous leadership and research positions at the Economic Research Service of USDA. Koopman‘s research interests include measuring the economic effects of trade and trade policy changes, measuring global value chains, and the application and validation of large scale economic simulation models.

Koopman is also an Associate Professor at the Graduate Institute of Geneva and is a research fellow at the Centre for Economic Policy Research.
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