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Women of Promise Fellowship Program

The evidence is clear: women’s advancement brings about a healthier, more prosperous and stable world. Placing more women in leadership also improves the success of businesses and organizations. Despite the understanding of women’s positive influence in economic, political, and social life, there is little formal training in the field of international relations that specializes in the study of how women can advance, how to measure their impact, and what this means for the trajectory of global politics. Men hold the majority of elected and appointed offices worldwide, and the United States ranks 72nd in a global ranking of women’s representation in national legislatures and parliaments. Only 15 perecent of corporate board chairs are held by women. The “gender gap” persists in other measures of equity such as wage equality and education.

To address the demand for women’s leadership, Johns Hopkins SAIS will provide fellowships and a new curricular track for the academic study, practical training, and social capital required to develop women’s leadership potential. Our co-curricular programming offers a wealth of mentoring, networking, and skill-building so that participants gain optimal benefit from the program.

In 2018, the first cohort of “Women of Promise” fellows will arrive on campus thanks to a new partnership with Asian University for Women (AUW). In future years, the school will recruit Women of Promise from universities around the world.

Fellows in the program may concentrate in any of the school’s twenty-plus regional and functional areas of study, and also specialize in the women’s leadership track. These young leaders will serve as ambassadors from their countries of origin, and will be invited to speak about issues concerning their experiences and areas of study.

For more information about how to support our Women of Promise Fellows, click here.