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International Dinner

November 10, 2018

The school’s Student Government Association hosted its annual International Dinner, an opportunity for students to showcase food and performances from their diverse cultural backgrounds.

The event commenced with the school’s various culture clubs presenting their best, home cooked dishes. Participating students exhibited on behalf of regions including Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, North America, and Latin America. To highlight the event’s authenticity, many students dressed in traditional cultural attire and shared detailed descriptions of their various dishes to curious attendees.

The Latin American table served two Mexican carnitas tacos, with tortilla chips, guacamole, and flan as accompaniments. The group adorned their table with a colorful cloth, representing the types of garments often found in Latin American countries. The Taiwanese table provided a variety of meat dishes. Popular food such as Mhoo Gatiem (fried pork with garlic) and Larb Gai (Thai chicken spicy salad) quickly ran out as news spread across the room of its deliciousness. Georgian food comprised of Khachapuri (an egg and cheese toasted bread) and spinach and beet-flavored Pkhali (chopped and minced vegetable-based miniature dessert balls).

The second part of the evening involved several culture clubs performing traditional dances. Near the end of the evening, a student-formed band graced the stage to give a modern, culturally-blended rendition of “Arirang,” a traditional Korean folk song, and “No Woman, No Cry,” a classic Bob Marley reggae song. 

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