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Professor Sarah Jordaan receives a 2019 Catalyst Award

This year, 33 early career faculty members representing 26 departments were selected to receive Johns Hopkins Catalyst Awards, an honor that is accompanied by a $75,000 grant for research, mentoring opportunities, and institutional recognition. Jordaan will use the grant to fund her overall research program.

Jordaan’s research will examine how policy makers should incorporate sustainability into their energy strategy by considering life cycle environmental improvements of energy technologies. Additionally, her research will advance spatial analysis in the field and help policy makers gain a better understanding of how to manage uncertainty when making decisions about energy.

“The Catalyst Award will give me the opportunity to bridge disciplinary divides between environmental science, engineering, international relations, and public policy.” Jordaan said. “I am looking forward to continuing to work with teams of students, scholars, and faculty on this exciting research.”

Jordaan added that the grant will enable her to advance her interdisciplinary publications, attend and present the findings of her research at relevant conferences, provide student opportunities and fellowships, as well as support proposals and other literature that she plans to complete by 2021.

With more than a decade of experience researching energy and the environment, Jordaan’s recent co-authored research articles include: “Country-level Life Cycle Assessment of Liquefied Natural Gas Trade for Electricity Generation” in Environmental Science and Technology and “The Dynamics of Advancing Climate Policy in Federal Political Systems,” both of which were published in Environmental Policy & Governance.

Jordaan joins Johns Hopkins SAIS colleagues Ling Chen, Assistant Professor of International Political Economy, and Sarah Parkinson, Aronson Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Studies, as 2019 Catalyst Award honorees. Since the award’s creation in 2015, three of the school’s faculty members have been selected as Catalyst Award recipients: Assistant Professor of International Development Daniel Honig, Assistant Professor of International Political Economy Matthias Matthijs, and Associate Professor of International Political Economy David Steinberg.