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Office of The Online and Distance Learning (ODL)
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For Students

The graduate student community at Johns Hopkins University has a long history of rising to unforeseen challenges, designing unique solutions, and demonstrating a selfless ability to make the world better. The university is here to support you in your academic and professional pursuits as well as your personal health and well-being.

Washington DC

Please contact the appropriate office listed below if you need support: 

Academic Affairs                                                       
+1 (202) 663-5603
Student Services Center
Student Case Management Online Form
Student Case Management Online Form
Financial Aid
Student Case Management Online Form
Global Careers
+1 (202) 663-5710

Office of International Services
+1 (667) 208-7022
Student Case Management Online Form
Student Life
+1 (202) 663-5705
Johns Hopkins DC Security Command Center is available 24/7 to respond to any emergencies that faculty, staff or students may have during this time.
+1 (202) 663-5808

Friday, November 13 


Pre-registration for Spring 2021 opens in SIS Self-Service

Monday, November 30

Pre-registration for Spring 2021 closes

Monday, December 21

Registration for Spring 2021 re-opens

Monday, December 28 Deadline to register for January economics waiver exams

Friday, January 1

Last day to submit concentration/affiliation change requests before bidding

Friday-Sunday, January 8-10

Economics waiver exams

Friday, January 15

Registration closes at 6:00pm.  Students must be registered to bid on classes

Saturday, January 16

Bidding for Spring 2021 begins by noon

Sunday, January 17

Bidding for Spring 2021 closes at 6:00 p.m. All bids must be received by 6:00 p.m.

Tuesday, January 19

Add/drop begins via SIS Self-Service at noon

Saturday, January 23

Core Exams (9:00 a.m.-noon: AFP and CP; 1:00-4:00 p.m.: TIR and EIS)

Monday, January 25

Spring 2021 semester classes begin

Saturday, January 30 Spring 2021 semester online courses open

Friday, February 5

Add/drop ends at noon

Monday March 22

Break Day*

Tuesday March 30

Break Day*

Wednesday April 14

Break Day*

Thursday April 22

Break Day*

Friday April 30

Break Day*

Saturday, May 1

Spring 2021 semester classes end

Monday, May 10- Friday, May 14

Spring 2021 final exam week

*As noted in President Daniel’s announcement, there will be no Spring Break (March 22–26). The academic calendar is being modified and will be replaced with the following five break days throughout the semester.


Pre-Registration for Spring 2021 will open on Friday, November 13, 2020.  We strongly encourage you to preregister. All registration is done in your SIS account. For advising on your course selections, students should contact the Office of Academic Advising. Pre-Registration will close on Monday, November 30, 2020.  We ask that you register for Spring 2021 classes during this period, based on an approximation of where you will be located geographically in spring and the modality you prefer for your classes. We will then reopen registration on Monday, December 21, 2020, and it will close on Friday, January 15, 2021 for bidding.

Students have until 6:00 p.m. on Friday, January 15, 2021 to register for classes.

Bidding for all Spring 2021 classes will be held on Saturday and Sunday, January 16-17. After bidding, Add/Drop will open for the Spring 2021 semester, and it will run from Tuesday, January 19 at noon until Friday, February 5 at noon.

Note: Registration is NOT done on a first-come, first-served basis. Students may register for any course for which they have met the prerequisites. Any classes that are oversubscribed (i.e., have more student registrations than the teaching limit) will go to bid. More information on the SAIS bidding process will be sent prior to bidding on January 16-17. 

Course Schedule in SIS

Courses will be offered in three formats: onsite, virtual, and online. We will designate the instructional methods in the SIS class schedule and via the following section numbers: 01/02/03—onsite instruction; 50/51/52—virtual instruction; 90/91/92—online instruction. For those students who will not be physically present on campus, onsite courses will also have a virtual option. If you do not plan on attending on-campus, you should register for the virtual section of that class. 

Onsite classes will be held at the Washington DC campus. Students will meet regularly once per week for non-language courses. In order to ensure at least 6 feet between students and instructors, some classes may be divided into groups where students alternate attendance (i.e., one group attends even weeks and another attends odd weeks). When not attending onsite, students will participate via Zoom, as if it was a virtual class. The Registrar’s Office will randomly assign students to groups, if dividing a course is necessary for the Spring 2021 semester. The section numbers for in-person courses will appear as 01, 02, or 03 in the SIS schedule of classes.

Virtual classes will be held via Zoom—or a similar web-based video conferencing platform—during regularly scheduled class times. Class lectures will take place virtually, in real-time. Students will be able to attend class from any location as long as they have access to a device that has conferencing capabilities and a web camera/phone. Class lectures will be held at various hours to accommodate students in different time zones and those with competing responsibilities. Students need not be physically present on campus. Some classes may only be taught virtually. The section numbers for virtual courses will appear as 50, 51, or 52 in the SIS schedule of classes.  

Online courses will be divided into weekly modules, consisting of pre-recorded lectures, activities, and assignments housed in the Blackboard (Bb) learning management system. While there are no scheduled class meeting times, faculty will schedule weekly virtual/live meetings enabling students to interact with classmates and to synthesize the materials reviewed in Bb. These may be recorded for those unable to attend the live weekly sessions.  Assignments and activities, just as with in-person courses, have due dates and deadlines and are administered using the learning management system where the entire online course is housed. Students need not be physically present on campus. The weekly virtual/live meetings will be optional. These meetings will appear on the SIS schedule of classes. Students will be blocked from registering for other courses that meet during these optional session times. If you would like to register for a course that meets during the optional online session, please contact us via our Student Case Management Online Form so that we can override the block for you. The section numbers for online courses will appear as 90, 91, or 92 in the SIS schedule of classes.

Course Syllabi and Evaluations

Course syllabi and evaluations are maintained by Academic Affairs. View past syllabi and evaluations. Please note that you will need to log in to the secure Johns Hopkins SharePoint system to view syllabi and evaluations. Please have your JHED LID and password at hand to access the system (the same log-in information you use for the portal).

We know that the COVID-19 situation is causing significant change and potential anxiety and distress for our community. The Johns Hopkins Students Assistance Program (JHSAP) urges you to attend to your emotional and mental well-being, and to reach out to them for support during these challenging times.
JHSAP – mental health support for students is available 24/7
 +1 (443) 287-7000
+1 (866) 764-2317 (toll free)
Appointments will be offered via video and phone and when appropriate in person. Video, telehealth services (via Zoom or are available for students who are in Maryland ad DC and whose mental health needs can be served via this platform.
Students who are already connected to a JHSAP clinician, can call as noted above or send their clinician a secure message to for any non-urgent issues. In-person sessions are being rescheduled to phone and video sessions for all students at all Johns Hopkins locations. Additional online support resources available to JHU students include the Calm app and SilverCloud.

Monitoring Symptoms

You are required to stay at home while you are sick or experiencing any of the symptoms above unless otherwise directed.

Any Johns Hopkins community member who feels ill or is concerned about exposure is encouraged to call the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Call Center at 833-546-7546, seven days a week, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Please refer to the JHU Monitoring Symptoms guidelines for additional information.

Library Update

While the Library’s physical space is closed, staff are working remotely to provide support via email, phone, or Zoom.

Online Hours

Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Saturday - Sunday: Closed

Course Readings

The Mason Library provides required readings for courses via Blackboard.


See the Mason Library homepage for full details on Hopkins resources, accessible off-campus with your JHED ID and password.

See Using the Library for details about online resources.

For library users near the Johns Hopkins SAIS DC or Baltimore campuses, books and other materials from the Johns Hopkins Libraries may be requested for pickup.

Returning Materials

If you have books or other materials to return, please contact Library staff at


Email us at The Johns Hopkins SAIS Librarians are online to support your course work and research.

SAIS Europe

SAIS Europe Director or
SAIS Europe Student Life or
SAIS Europe Registrar 
Student Case Management Online Form
SAIS Europe Business Office
Student Case Management Online Form
SAIS Europe Career Services or
Robert H. Evans Library or
International Student Services (Washington DC)
Noppadon Moapichai, Director of International Student Services

SAIS Europe students in Bologna in need of medical support should contact Dr. Stephen Williams via by phone, text, or Whatsapp at + 00 39 347 816 4535.
We understand that this is difficult and worrisome period for our community. The University of Bologna Counseling Center is available to all SAIS Europe students. To make an appointment, please email All sessions will be facilitated through phone or videoconferencing.

Virtual Course Delivery

The school is prepared to deliver all courses virtually for the duration of COVID-19 closure. We have created several guides to help orient you to the digital tools you may be asked to use during this period.

Virtual Class Sessions Using Zoom

Most of your courses will use the Zoom meeting system, which allows instructors and students to interact in real time.  It is an effective tool for delivering lecture content and for promoting class discussion. Note Zoom meetings will take place at the regularly scheduled course date and time.

System Requirements:

  • Stable, broadband internet connection with speed of at least 50 Mbps
  • Laptop or desktop computer
  • Speakers and microphone:   built-in, USB, or Bluetooth
  • Webcam:   built-in or USB
  • Supported operating systems:   Windows 7/8/10   |   macOSX 10.7 or later
  • Supported web browsers:   Chrome   |   Firefox   |   Safari
  • You may join meetings via your mobile device, but it is not recommended

Additional Resources

Zoom Quick Start Guide

How to be Effective in a Virtual Class Session

The Netiquette


Instructors will continue to use Blackboard to post announcements, distribute course materials, and collect assignments. You may be required to submit your assignments, including final exams, through the site. Instructions for doing so are below.

Additional Resources

Submitting Assignments

Blackboard Discussion Forums

Blackboard Email

Subscribe to a Discussion Forum or Thread

View Grades and Feedback in Blackboard

Taking a Quiz (or Test) in Blackboard

Office of Online and Distance Learning

We are here to help as you transition to online learning. You can reach us via email at, or call +1 (202) 663-5959 during regular business hours.