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Alireza Naghavi

Adjunct Professor of International Economics


Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, University of Bologna. Associate Professor, Department of Economics, University of Bologna (Sept 2014 – April 2016); Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Bologna (Nov 2008 – Sept 2014); Consultant, World Intellectual Property Organization, Geneva, Switzerland (Sept 2012 – present); Project Scientific Coordinator of EU project INGINEUS, Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, Milan (Jan 2009 – Feb 2012); Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (July 2005 – Nov 2008); Visiting Assistant Professor, International Executives Masters in SMEs and International Management, University of Bologna (Forlì) (2005 – 2010); Visiting Assistant Professor, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, University of Bologna (Forlì) (2004 –2007). Post-doc CEPR research fellow, Paris School of Economics (ex CERAS/DELTA); PhD in Economics, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland.
Professor Naghavi's most recent articles include: "Trade Liberalization, Democratization and Technology Adoption," with M. Cervellati and F. Toubal, in Journal of Economic Growth (2018); "The Grand Experiment of Communism: Discovering the Trade-off between Equality and Efficiency," with A. Mihailov and E. Farvaque, in Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics (forthcoming); "Harmonisation and Globalisation of Intellectual Property Culture," with G. Prarolo, in World Economy (forthcoming); "Trade and Geography in the Spread of Islam," with S. Michalopoulos and G.Prarolo, in Economic Journal (forthcoming); "Intellectual Property Rights and Diaspora Knowledge Networks: Can Patent Protection Generate Brain Gain from Skilled Migration?" with C. Strozzi, in Canadian Journal of Economics (2017); "Relationship-Specific Investments and Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement with Heterogeneous Suppliers," with S.K. Peng, Y. Tsai, in Review of International Economics (2017); "Intellectual Property Rights, FDI, and Technological Development," with X. Yi, in Journal of International Trade and Economic Development (2017); "Political Institutions and Government Spending Behavior: Theory and Evidence from Iran," with S. Faraji Dizaji, M. Farzanegan, in International Tax and Public Finance (2016); "Islam, Inequality, and PreIndustrial Comparative Development," with S. Michalopoulos, G.Prarolo, in Journal of Development Economics (2016); "Oligarchies and Development in a Global Economy: A Tale of Two Elites," with A. Akerman, A. Seim, in Economic Inquiry (2016); "Intellectual Property Rights, Diasporas, and Domestic Innovation" with C. Strozzi, in Journal of International Economics (2015); "Theocracy and Resilience Against Economic Sanctions" with G. Pignataro, in Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2015); "Intellectual Property Rights, Product Complexity and the Organization of Multinational Firms," with J. Spies & F. Toubal, in Canadian Journal of Economics (2015); "Cross-Border Intellectual Property Rights: Contract Enforcement and Absorptive Capacity," with Y. Tsai, in Scottish Journal of Political Economy (2015).



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