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Jeffrey Edmeades

Adjunct Lecturer

  • Campus Location: Washington DC


Dr. Jeffrey Edmeades is a Senior Social Demographer at the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW). In this role, Edmeades manages a variety of projects in which he provides technical assistance to partners, designs and conducts program evaluations and executes data analysis. His research primarily focuses on the interaction between the development process and demographic behavior, including fertility, contraceptive use and migration as well as household decision-making processes and the role gender norms play in shaping demographic outcomes.
Edmeades, who joined ICRW in 2006, brings over a decade of experience in studying the effects of rural poverty, gender inequality and reproductive health patterns in the developing world. He also has published a number of peer-reviewed papers that address research methodology and the determinants of reproductive behavior and intimate partner violence, among other topics. His work has appeared in academic publications such as Demography, Social Science and Medicine, Culture, Health & Sexuality, Studies in Family Planning and the Journal of Mixed Method Research.
Edmeades has extensive international experience in a number of countries including Canada, Mexico, Ghana, Thailand, England, Ethiopia and New Zealand.