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Ambassador Robert Blackwill Publishes CFR report, "The End of World Order and American Foreign Policy"

Diller-von Furstenberg Family Foundation Distinguished Scholar, Robert D. Blackwill published a Council Special Report for the Council on Foreign Relations, "The End of the World Order and American Foreign Policy" with Thomas Wright. 

The authors identify this period as "a moment of radical international uncertainty" that "occurs at a troubling time geopolitically, including the withdrawal of the United States from global leadership."  The report warns "along with the U.S.-Soviet competition during the cold War, COVID-19 is one of the two greatest tests of the U.S.-led international order" and "nothing else since that time approaches the societal political and economic effects of the virus on populations around the world."

The report argues for a robust response from the U.S. to the "reordering moment" through efforts to stop the detioration in the balance of power with China, bolstering relations with Europe and India and reforming its posture will allies and partners.

In his Forward, Richard Haas states "This Council on Foreign Relations Report makes an important, rigorous and considered contribution to this emerging critical debate." 

In his recent New York Times article "Germany's Lessons for China and America" Roger Cohen quotes the report saying, "In an important forthcoming report for the Council on Foreign Relations, Robert Blackwill, a former United States ambassador to India, and Thomas Wright, the director of the Center on the United States and Europe at the Brookings Institution, speak of the 'end of world order.' America’s 'reputation as a dysfunctional power' and China’s growing 'coercive power' contribute to that. The virus 'exacerbates tensions.'”

In his recent Financial Times article, "How Joe Biden will Deal with the World," Edward Luce encouraged readers to visit the report saying "since we are on the future of US foreign policy, it’s well worth reading this essay by Robert Blackwill, the former senior Bush National Security Council staffer and ambassador to India, and Thomas Wright, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, on the end of the world order and what America should do about it. Their recommendations will also give you a flavour of how a Biden administration might act."

Read the report here