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James Steinberg joins NPR to discuss President-elect Biden's nominee for secretary of state and impending foreign policy challenges

Kissinger Center Senior Fellow, James Steinberg, who served in the Obama administration as Deputy Secretary of State, joined NPR’s All Things Considered  for an episode “Who is Antony Blinken, Biden’s nominee For Secretary of State?” with NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly to discuss President-elect Biden’s, recently announced pick for secretary of state, Antony Blinken.
Blinken, who also served as Deputy Secretary of State during Obama administration, and Jim Steinberg first worked together in the Clinton administration and Steinberg remarked that “the country will be in good hands and the president will be well served” adding that Biden had “picked someone who really meets all the qualifications…most important of all he has the confidence of the President of the United States.”  Steinberg also identified the urgent foreign policy challenges the next administration will have to tackle as well as the opportunities that these challenges – especially COVID – poses such as an opportunity to work with allies, advance US interests, and prevent future global crises.
Hear more from Steinberg on the future of the State Department and challenges Blinken may face in rebuilding it, here on NPR’s All Things Considered