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Future Strategy Forum: Cooperation and Conflict in the Time of Covid-19


What does the global response to the Covid-19 pandemic tell us about prospects for cooperation in the face of future global threats to human health and security? How has Covid-19 changed military doctrine and challeneged our understanding of civ-mil relations? What has Covid-19 revealed about the way policymakers use technology and how do we debate the trade-offs between increased surveillence and privacy rights in the midst of a pandemic? The Covid-19 pandemic has introduced many questions and challenges to our time. Join us the first week of June as we discuss questions around Covid-19 and its impact on grand strategy, military use and democracy and governence. 

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Keynote with the Hon. Michele Flournoy
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Covid-19 and Grand Strategy 
Watch our panel with Dr. Kori Schake, Dr. Jennifer Bouey and Dr. Mira Rapp-Hooper, moderated by Beverly Kirk, on how and why living through this pandemic might change how the US appraoches foreign policy, relations with allies, relations with competitors, and the "guns v. butter" balance between domestic need and national security priorities. 
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Covid-19 and the Military
Watch our panel with Ms. MacKenzie Eaglen, Dr. Risa Brooks, Dr. Mara Karlin and Ms. Pam Campos-Palma for a conversation, moderated by Alice Hunt Friend, on how Covid-19 has affected military readiness, ongoing operations and civil-military relations as well as how temporary or long-lasting we can expect these impacts to be.
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Covid-19 and Democracy and Governance 
Watch our panel with Ms. Camille Stewart Esq., Dr. Lainie Rutkow and Dr. Susanna Campbell for a conversation moderated by Ms. Suzanne Spaulding on how the pandemic itself and responses to the pandemic have impacted and will impact democracy, privacy and other liberties, and trust in government across the world.
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