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IPSCON hosts roundtable on Career Tracks for PhDs

The Kissinger Center hosted Dr. Rachel Myrick, Dr. Danielle Gilbert and Dr. Tanvi Madan for a talk on different career tracks PhDs can pursue. Danielle Gilbert, recent IPSCON alumna and current Assistant Professor at the US Air Force Academy spoke on how to apply successfully to academic jobs at PMEs. Tanvi Madan, senior fellow in the Project on International Order and Strategy in the Foreign Policy program and director of the India Project at Brookings discussed how to prepare for a think tank career. Rachel Myrick, IPSCON alumna and current IPSCON senior scholar and Assistant Research Professor at the Department of Political Science at Duke University, shed light on how to navigate the academic job market. 

This event was part of the IPSCON program funded by Carnegie Corporation of New York. Learn more about IPSCON here.