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Dr. Alexander Bick selected as a Wilson Center Fellow for 2019-2020

July 26, 2019
Dr. Alexander Bick, a Research Scholar at the Kissinger Center, was selected as a Wilson Center Fellow affiliated with the Middle East Program and the Kennan Institute for 2019 – 2020. Wilson Center Fellows are selected through a highly competitive international competition. During their 9-month residential fellowship, Fellows conduct research projects addressing key policy challenges facing the United States and the world.
Bick’s research project at the Wilson Center, "Quagmire: Russia and the United States in Syria" examines the relationship between the United States and Russia in Syria from 2011-2016. His project views the war through the lens of great power competition, reconstructing U.S. decision-making from this perspective to identify where and why certain assumptions about Russia proved wrong and to draw out lessons for how the United States weighs the balance between cooperation and competition with Russia in other contexts.