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America and the future of Great Power Competition at Johns Hopkins University’s Homewood campus

October 3, 2019

The Kissinger Center hosted SAIS alumni Robert Work (MA '93), former deputy secretary of defense, and Richard Fontaine (MA '02), CEO of the Center for New American Security, at the Johns Hopkins Homewood undergraduate campus for a discussion, moderated by Professor Hal Brands, on the future of war and America's relationships with China and Russia.
The evening event was one of two events held as part of SAIS in Baltimore Day – an effort led by the Kissinger Center to connect Johns Hopkins undergraduates at Homewood campus with the graduate School of Advanced International Studies in Washington DC. Earlier in the day, the Kissinger Center brought four SAIS professors to the Homewood campus to share their perspectives on U.S. foreign policy under President Trump and where it might go in the future, as well as preview the undergraduate courses the presenters will teach at Homewood during the spring 2020 semester.