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Nuclear Safety, Maintenance and Readiness: Perspectives from Junior and Mid-career Military Officials

The Kissinger Center's NSRI program co-hosted a panel on nuclear safety with CSIS' Project on Nuclear Issues for undergraduates studying nuclear scholarship and international relations

James Steinberg joins NPR to discuss President-elect Biden's nominee for secretary of state and impending foreign policy challenges

James Steinberg, who served in the Obama administration as Deputy Secretary of State, joined NPR’s "All Things Considered" podcast series to discuss the next President-elect Biden's secretary of state nominee, Antony Blinken

Kissinger Center Hosts Amb. Wendy Sherman for a Talk on Political Transitions

Amb. Wendy Sherman hosted a seminar on political transitions for PhD students in the Kissinger Center's IPSCON program

Sheltering in Place: American Foreign Policy in Crisis

Eli Lake joined Johns Hopkins SAIS and undergraduate students for a conversation on the new direction of US Foreign Policy and how the US can be active in the world while addressing major challenges at home.

Perspectives on the Post-Covid World Order

The John W. Kluge Center hosted a discussion on the world after Covid-19 with the Kissinger Center's Margaret MacMillan, Francis J. Gavin and Hal Brands.

Announcing the Kissinger Summer Academy

Apply today to be a Kissinger Summer Fellow and take the "Nuclear Weapons and American Grand Strategy" summer course! The course is free and all related costs are covered. Open only to current and recent undergraduates.

Kissinger Center Summer Independent Research Program

Johns Hopkins SAIS students engage in research workshop at Kissinger Center

Europe Alone? The Future of Europe in the Emerging World Order

The Kissinger Center and the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) convened a roundtable of leading experts in European and Transatlantic affairs

Is it Time for A Grand Strategy of Restraint? A Debate

Barry Posen and Michael Mazarr debate restraint in grand strategy.

COVID-19 and World Order: The Future of Conflict, Competition, and Cooperation

New series of essays from international experts available next today