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Professor Mary Sarotte's article in Foreign Affairs “The Shoals of Ukraine”

November 11, 2019

Professor Mary Sarotte wrote an article with Serhii Plokhy “The Shoals of Ukraine” that was featured in the January/February 2020 print edition of Foreign Affairs. In their article, Sarotte and Plokhy explain how over the past 25 years, efforts to establish a durable post-Cold War Eurasian order have failed over the issue of Ukraine.  

Sarotte and Plokhii argue that after the breakup of the Soviet Union, Ukraine’s security and its place in the new international order were left unresolved for decades, turning the country into a dangerous arena. In limbo since the fall of the Soviet Union, Ukraine became a space where the interests and worldviews of the great powers clashed and yet no conflicts were resolved.