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The Last Card: Inside George W. Bush's Decision to Surge in Iraq (Cornell University Press 2019)

Edited by Professor Hal Brands, with Timothy Andrews Sayle, Jeffrey A. Engel, and William Inboden, The Last Card details how President George W. Bush came to double-down on Iraq in the highest stakes gamble of his entire presidency.

Rethinking The Bomb: Nuclear Weapons And American Grand Strategy

Writing in the Texas National Security Review, Professor Francis J. Gavin considers how leading theories and histories have failed to fully explain important choices American leaders have made about nuclear weapons over the past eight decades.

U.S.-Chinese Rivalry Is A Battle Over Values

Professor Hal Brands and Zack Cooper argue in their latest Foreign Affairs article for ideology to play a role in U.S. strategy and that for the U.S. to cast aside its values and ideals would be unwise and unrealistic.

The End of World Order and American Foreign Policy, CFR Report

In this Council on Foreign Relations report, Distinguished Scholar Robert Blackwill and Thomas Wright argue that the United States should respond to the COVID-19 reordering moment and stop deterioration in the balance of power with China, bolster relations with India and Europe and reform the way it deals with allies and partners.

How to Enlarge NATO: The Debate inside the Clinton Administration, 1993–95

In this International Security issue, Professor Mary Elise Sarotte shares how the 1993–95 debate over the best means of expanding the North Atlantic Treaty Organization unfolded inside the Clinton administration.