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Book Launch: The Taming of Scarcity and the Problems of Plenty

In this new Adelphi book, Francis J. Gavin argues that the underlying structure, incentives and costs shaping international relations, state behaviour and the nature of power are profoundly different today to how they were in the past, in ways that are scarcely recognised and widely misunderstood. For much of history, world politics was marked by profound scarcity in resources, information and security. A series of historical revolutions has largely tamed this scarcity in ways few could have imagined. These revolutions, however, have generated new, potentially catastrophic challenges for the world – the problems of plenty.

At this hybrid launch event, held at the IISS headquarters in London on Thursday, March 7, 1:00 PM Eastern / 6:00 PM GMT, Professor Gavin will describe his key arguments and their strategic implications. He will be joined by three expert discussants from academia, government and the press.

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