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Kissinger Center Hosts Joseph Nye for Discussion on Moral Foreign Policy

As part of the Carnegie International Scholars Consortium and Network’s (IPSCON) Carnegie Squares virtual seminar series, Harvard University Distinguished Service Professor, Emeritus, Joseph S. Nye Jr. offered a talk on his latest book, Do Morals Matter? Presidents and Foreign Policy from FDR to Trump.
Nye’s book provides a concise yet penetrating analysis of the role of ethics in US foreign policy during the American era after 1945.  Students were able to engage Dr. Nye in a discussion on the roles of intentions and motives, human rights, realism, and a host of other factors in assessing the morality of past US foreign policies.
This virtual lecture is part of the IPSCON Program’s Carnegie Squares Seminar Series which allows students in IPSCON to talk with policymakers and experts on relevant policy challenges. You can learn more about IPSCON by visiting our IPSCON webpage.