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Professor Mary Elise Sarotte Named 2022 Henry L. Stimson Lecturer at Yale University

Professor Mary Elise Sarotte has been named the 2022 Henry L. Stimson Lecturer at Yale University.

Kissinger Center Director Francis J. Gavin’s Book One of Five Selected for Choice Reviews 2020 Outstanding Academic Titles List in International Relations

Choice Reviews 2020 Outstanding Academic Titles List selects recent book by Kissinger Center Director, Professor Francis J. Gavin.

The 2021 IPSCON Minnowbrook Conference

In this three-day summer conference, graduate students and scholar-practitioners engaged on a variety of issues concerning national security.

Kissinger Center Hosts 2021 Nuclear Studies Research Initiative Conference at Nemacolin Resort

"Slaying Shibboleths" convened nine professors to challenge notions of nuclear security.

Announcing the 2021 AWC Article Prize Winners

We are proud to announce the winners of the 2021 America in the World Consortium (AWC) Article Prizes for the best research article and policy paper.

Kissinger Center Hosts 2021 Summer Academy for Undergraduates in Washington, DC

The Kissinger Center welcomed 16 undergraduates to its Washington, DC, campus to learn more about nuclear security, technology, and arms control.

America in the World Consortium (AWC) Hosts 2021 Conference on the Future of US Foreign Policy

The three-day conference in June convened expert scholars to discuss key issues in the future of US foreign policy.

Future Strategy Forum Closing Keynote with Rose Gottemoeller

Rose Gottemoeller, former Deputy Secretary General of NATO, joined the Kissinger Center and CSIS for a keynote discussion on emerging technology and nuclear weapons, closing the Future Strategy Forum's 2021 conference on National Security and Technology

FSF 2021: Panel with Janne Nolan Prize Winners

The Future Strategy Forum 2021 featured a panel with winners of the Janne Nolan Prize, Jane Vaynman, John Emery and Saher Naumaan

FSF 2021: Panel on Emerging Tech and Statecraft

Experts from academia, the private sector and the policy community joined the Kissinger Center's FSF initiative for a discussion on emerging technologies and statecraft