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Four-Course Certificates

  • Campus: Washington DC
  • Program Duration: Accelerated; One Semester | Part-Time is available


Advance your career in one of three graduate certificates offered by Johns Hopkins SAIS for students and professionals seeking to gain academic credentials without pursuing a full degree.

Each certificate requires a series of four graduate-level courses focused on development, economics, or international studies. Choose to earn a certificate in one semester by studying full-time or enroll in our flexible part-time program.

Become an Expert

As a certificate student you will be taught by the school’s esteemed faculty and will learn alongside degree students, providing you with invaluable networking opportunities. Whether your goal is professional development, academic advancement, or to expand your knowledge base, the Johns Hopkins SAIS graduate certificate is recognized as an academic credential.

Courses may be taken during the fall, spring and summer terms online or on-campus. Certificate students are eligible to apply for federal financial aid.


The Certificate in International Development incorporates an interdisciplinary approach to the study of developing countries. It offers an opportunity to conceptualize development problems through social, political, economic and environmental aspects of development.
Recommended for:
Students interested in human and economic development, social change, health care and education reform, infrastructure and environment. 

Course Requirements:

  • Comparative Politics
  • 3 Electives offered by or cross-listed with the International Development or Development, Climate, and Sustainability departments

View the Course Search to see the current schedule of courses. Select “Nitze School of Advanced International Studies” and filter for the Development, Climate, and Sustainability department to view all eligible electives.

The Certificate in International Economics allows students to research the flow of capital, labor, investment and trade among nations, while obtaining the qualitative and quantitative skills necessary for economic forecasting. 

Recommended for: 
Students interested in financial analytics, economic consulting, international trade and market research.
Course Requirements

  • International Economics I
  • International Economics II
  • Two (2) electives offered within the International Economics & Finance curriculum

View the Course Search and select “Nitze School of Advanced International Studies” to view the current schedule of courses.


The Certificate in International Studies allows you to design your own curriculum. Focus your studies in a particular policy area, region of the world or choose courses that give you a broader overview of international relations.

Recommended for:
Students interested in international relations, foreign policy, conflict resolution, international law, human rights, global business strategy or regional studies.

Course Requirements:

  • Theories of International Relations course
  • 3 electives from any area of study in the course catalog (excluding language courses)

View the Course Search and select “Nitze School of Advanced International Studies” to view the current schedule of courses. You can select your courses from any of the departments at SAIS to count towards your Certificate in International Studies.