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Johns Hopkins SAIS is actively monitoring the global COVID-19 outbreak, with particular focus on the health and well-being of the university community. CLICK HERE for additional resources and virtual events.

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Student Experience

Career Services

Explore rewarding career and internship opportunities through networking events, employer presentations, and career treks to industry hub cities around the world.

Experiential Learning

Gain important hands-on experience through study treks, practicum projects, staff rides, career treks, and internships.

Student Activities

Form lasting friendships with classmates from around the world by joining student clubs and participating in extracurricular activities.

World-Class Events

Meet executives and thought leaders on the forefront of addressing today's most complex global issues and learn from their experiences in the field.

Publication Opportunities

Refine your writing and expand your reach by submitting an article for a student publication or academic journal.

Wellbeing & Support

Excel in your academic endeavors surrounded by a supporting network of classmates, faculty, and administrators.

Student Stories

Explore the interests and the issues that drive our community members to study international relations.

Living in Washington DC

Find out why Washington DC is known as a top US city for young professionals.

Living in Bologna

Find out why Bologna, Italy consistently ranks in the top 10 European cities for quality of life.

Living in Nanjing

Learn what it's like to live in Nanjing and have an authentic, immersive experience in China.


Gain hands-on experience during your graduate studies.

Build Your Network

Form lasting professional and social networks with an accomplished community that inspires excellence, celebrates diversity, and knows how to have fun.

Students gain first-hand insights from global leaders (in this case, former Secretary of State John Kerry) during discussions hosted by the school.

The annual International Dinner in Washington DC celebrates the rich culture of the school's student body.

When not in class, students often meet and catch up at the SAIS Europe café.

Hopkins-Nanjing Center students form lasting friendship through activities like teaming up to participate in Nanjing's annual Dragon Boat competition.

Students travel around the world and gain hands-on, practical experience through study trips and class projects. Pictured: Professor Chiedo Nwankwor (top right) and students traveled to Nigeria as part of the SAIS Women Lead practicum project.

Classmates and friends often travel (in this case, to Japan) during the break between fall and spring semesters.

Our faculty are very hands-on and approachable and can often be found meeting with students outside of the classroom. Pictured: Professor Jonas Nahm (right) and a student in the Nitze café.