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Publication Opportunities

At Johns Hopkins SAIS you will have access to some of the most talented professors in the field of international relations. Students often partner with faculty as research assistants and have contributed to work published in top academic journals. In addition, students may choose to be a part of the following student-run publications:

China Studies Review Front Cover

China Studies Review

China Studies Review publishes interdisciplinary work by students conducting research on China, including history, political science, economics, policy, and area studies projects. Beginning as a collection of working papers by a group of students, the publication has evolved to become a unique, interdisciplinary compendium of original graduate-level research on China. Visit China Studies Review to view the latest posts.

SAIS Europe Journal of Global Affairs

The SAIS Europe Journal is a graduate student-run organization whose primary purpose is to publish peer-reviewed articles for policy makers, academics, and professionals who are interested in the world's most pressing policy issues. Founded in 1998, it is guided by the belief that deep policy insight comes from drawing upon multiple perspectives to a single challenge. The journal provides a specialized forum on issues of Security, Environment, Politics, Economics, and Development.

SAIS Perspectives Logo

SAIS Perspectives

Perspectives is SAIS’ leading student-run publication on development, climate, and sustainability. For over ten years, the publication has provided a forum for students, journalists, practitioners, and alumni to share their unique insights on policy, environment, and international development. With 10,000s annual readers, contributors are encouraged to use the platform for constructive debate, nuanced thinking, and creative proposals. Visit SAIS Perspectives to engage with Perspectives, keep up with the latest articles, and learn more about getting published.

SAIS Review

SAIS Review of International Affairs is dedicated to advancing the debate on leading contemporary issues in world affairs and is the premier publication of the Foreign Policy Institute. The journal has evolved from a letter written in 1956 to alumni to full-fledged academic journal in 1981. The SAIS Review is consistently recognized as one of the leading publications in foreign affairs capturing writings and observations of the world’s most influential academics and policymakers. Visit SAIS Review to read the latest posts.

SAIS Observer

Founded in 2002, the SAIS Observer is the school’s weekly newspaper written, edited, and produced by student journalists in Washington DC, Bologna, Italy and Nanjing, China.