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Experiential Learning

Through study treks, practicum projects, staff rides, career treks, and internships, you will gain practical, hands-on experience.

Experiential Learning

Career Treks

Through company visits and alumni networking receptions students gain an insider’s perspective on working in different sectors. The school hosts career treks around the world to help students learn about career paths in asset management, consulting, energy and environment, finance, international development, nonprofits, multilateral organizations, political risk, think tanks, and more.

Crisis Simulations 

Once a year students design, execute, and participate in a weekend-long crisis simulation, which serves as a valuable opportunity to hone their policy analysis, critical thinking, and decision-making skills. During the simulation, students will play any number of roles--from country teams and international organizations to non-state actors and media and test their understanding of policy, political and military organizations, history, current events, and international relations.

Social Enterprise Accelerator Fund (SAF)

The Social Accelerator Fund connects students interested in social enterprise with career-relevant opportunities in international development, entrepreneurship and public sectors. Each year, student teams partner with early-stage, financially-stable, social enterprises and help to identify ways to increase the enterprise’s global impact and financial performance. Current and past clients have included: Global Institute for Vision Equity, Congo Leadership Initiative, Dawning, Dare to Innovate, Krea Collectives, ABC-FUNDAECO, Frontier Health, Echo Mobile, Ubelong, Ren4Water, and TechChange.


The school’s global career counselors and degree programs have a track record for connecting talented students with alumni and organizations to secure rewarding internship opportunities.

Approximately 75% of students in the Master of Arts in International Relations program augment their studies with an internship during the summer between their first and second years to gain practical, hands-on experience. Nearly half of the second-year class seeks exciting part-time internships in the final year of their studies.


Practicum projects provide students with extensive, in-depth experience consulting for client organizations working to address real-world challenges.

Staff Rides

During a staff ride, students gain lessons in strategy, leadership, and decision-making by visiting a historic battle site and reenacting key moments. Each year, at least one staff ride occurs outside of the United States and recent staff rides have taken place in France, South Korea, Scotland, Italy, and Poland.

Study Treks

Each year the school hosts more than two dozen study treks, providing valuable opportunities to conduct field research, engage with partner organizations, and gain new perspectives on major global issues. Recent study treks have taken students to Puerto Rico, Cambodia, and Uganda.