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Event Recap Listings

April 28, 2021

The Inaugural Brzezinski Initiative Lecture: Subtle Dimensions of National Power – The U.S. in a Post-Pandemic World

The school welcomed former US Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta as the featured guest speaker for...

Speakers: Leon Panetta, Eliot A. Cohen, Carla Freeman

US Foreign Policy, COVID-19

April 20, 2021

Global Dimensions of COVID-19: A Conversation with Dr. Jennifer Nuzzo

The school welcomed epidemiologist, Dr. Jennifer Nuzzo, for a discussion on the global dimensions...

Speakers: Jennifer Nuzzo, Eliot A. Cohen

Global Health; COVID-19

April 15, 2021

The Global Role of Faith-Based Organizations

The school welcomed Elder Gerrit W. Gong of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of...

Speakers: Gerrit W. Gong, Eliot A. Cohen, Ben Smith, Hayden Hubbard

Religion, Human Rights, COVID-19

April 7, 2021

Politics, Protests, and the Post-Pandemic World: Civil-Military Relations Moving Forward

The Johns Hopkins SAIS Merrill Center for Strategic Studies co-hosted its third annual Conference...

Speakers: Matthew Donovan, Thomas Rid, Debra Wada, Kathryn Wheelbarger

Civil Military Relations

March 29, 2021

Covid, Information, Decision-making, in Europe and the US

SAIS Europe hosted a discussion on the fight against global epidemics.

Speakers: Paolo Vineis, David W. Ellwood

Global Health; COVID-19

March 25, 2021

The Global New Deal: Lessons and Legacies: History of the Present Series

SAIS Europe hosted a discussion on the lessons and legacies of the New Deal.

Speakers: Kiran Klaus Patel, Mark Gilbert

Democracy, Global Order

March 24, 2021

Iran and the US—A Critical Juncture

The school’s Rethinking Iran series hosted a fireside chat on US-Iran relations.

Speakers: Chris Murphy, Narges Bajoghli, Vali Nasr

Iran, US Foreign Policy

March 18, 2021

Hard Histories: A Conversation with Martha S. Jones

The school hosted a discussion on African-American slave history, as part of its Dean’s Lecture...

Speakers: Martha S. Jones, Eliot Cohen

Diversity and Inclusion

March 18, 2021

Illiberal Democracy or Populist Authoritarianism? The Case Studies of Poland and Hungary Constitutionalism in Illiberal Democracies Series

SAIS Europe hosted a discussion on illiberal democracy and populist authoritarianism.

Speakers: Wojciech Sadurski, Justin Frosini

Democracy, EU

March 10, 2021

Literature and Leadership: A Conversation with Dr. Elizabeth Samet

The school welcomed renowned author on defense and military history, Dr. Elizabeth Samet for a...

Speakers: Elizabeth Samet, Eliot A. Cohen

Leadership, Politics, Military