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Event Recap Listings

May 11, 2022

Johns Hopkins SAIS Unveils Official Portrait of Former SAIS Deans

In April and May 2022, Johns Hopkins SAIS honored and celebrated the legacies of former SAIS Deans...

Speakers: Eliot A. Cohen, Vali Nasr

May 2, 2022

The Human Trafficking Initiative Series - Criminal Threats and EU Response

Filippo Spiezia begins his talk with an overview of his latest publication, Criminal Threats and EU...

Speakers: Filippo Spiezia, Sara Pennicino, Alexandra Malangone

Law, Europe & Eurasia

April 28, 2022

The Enigmatic Collapse of the Soviet Union: The Last Month

Speaking at SAIS Europe for the first time since 1997, Professor Vladislav Zubok gave a talk which...

Speakers: Vladislav Zubock, Sergey Radchenko

Europe & Eurasia, History, Politics

April 5, 2022

The Role of the U.S. in Accelerating Action on Climate Change: A Conversation with Todd Stern

The Johns Hopkins SAIS Dean’s Office hosted Todd Stern, Nonresident Senior Fellow at The Brookings...

Speakers: James B. Steinberg, Todd Stern, Jessica Fanzo

Deans Speaker Series

March 30, 2022

A Conversation with H.E. Juan Carlos Pinzón, Ambassador of Colombia to the United States

The Johns Hopkins SAIS Dean’s Office hosted Juan Carlos Pinzón, Colombia’s ambassador to the U.S.,...

Speakers: James B. Steinberg, Juan Carlos Pinzón

Deans Speaker Series

March 28, 2022

Kathryn Knowles Women in International Affairs Lecture - Advancing the Women, Peace and Security Agenda for Transformational Change

Dr. Christina Bache joined BIPR to discuss the challenges and opportunities of global efforts to...

Speakers: Christina Bache, Michael G. Plummer

International Relation, History

March 10, 2022

The War to Destroy a State: Russia's Invasion and Ukraine's Response

After a brief introduction by Professor Finkel, Professor Kudelia began with an overview of the...

Speakers: Sergiy Kudelia, Eugene Finkel

Conflict Management, Europe & Eurasia, Foreign Policy, Politics, Security Startegy & Statecraft, Ukraine

March 3, 2022

Civilisation and Security: The Historical Antecedents of the Kremlin's Confrontation with the West

Following a brief introduction by Professor Mark Gilbert, historian Daniel Beer of Royal Holloway...

Speakers: Daniel Beer, Mark Gilbert

Erope & Eurasia, History, International Relations, Politics

February 28, 2022

What’s Next for Russia, Ukraine and the World?

On Monday, February 28th, Dean James Steinberg hosted a special Dean’s Speaker Series event...

Speakers: James Steinberg, Anne Applebaum, Hal Brands, Eliot A. Cohen

Deans Speaker Series, Russia, Ukraine

February 17, 2022

"The Week that Changed the World": A Panel Discussion to Mark the 50th Anniversary of Nixon's Trip to China

After a brief introduction by Professor Baritono, Professor Harper began the panel with an overview...

Speakers: Raffaella Baritono, Mario Del Pero, Matteo Dian, Antonio Fiori, John L. Harper, Sergey Radchenko

China & Asia, Foreign Policy, History, Politics, Security Strategy & Statecraft, United States