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In the News

Michael G. Plummer cited in The Economist, 11/15

Erik Jones wrote in Encompass, 11/15

Dean Eliot A. Cohen wrote in The Atlantic, 11/15

Yascha Mounk hosted The Good Fight podcast, 11/14

Ho-Fung Hung quoted in The Economist, 11/14

Dean Eliot A. Cohen interviewed on MSNBC's Morning Joe, 11/13

Arthur Appleton wrote in The Globalist, 11/13

Anne Applebaum interviewed on The Ezra Klein Show, 11/13

Sanam Vakil wrote for Chatham House, 11/12

Daniel Serwer quoted in Sarajevo Times, 11/12

Vali Nasr interviewed on Asia Society’s Asia In-Depth podcast, 11/12

Nora Bensahel quoted in U.S. News and World Report, 11/12

Johannes Urpelainen cited in, 11/11

Charles Stevenson wrote in The Hill, 11/11

Hal Brands wrote in Bloomberg Opinion, 11/11

Jeremy Shiffman quoted in Johns Hopkins Hub, 11/10

David Lampton wrote in South China Morning Post, 11/10

Pravin Krishna interviewed on Rajya Sabha TV’s The Big Picture, 11/10

Kent E. Calder quoted in VnExpress, 11/10

David Barno and Nora Bensahel interviewed on Federal News Network’s Federal Drive podcast, 11/10