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In the News

Effects of Suleimani’s death in Lebanon and Iraq.

Sarah Parkinson interviewed on BBC Radio, 1/5

Lecture: "Climate Change and the Global Order"

Johannes Urpelainen highlighted in Frederick News-Post, 1/16

How to enlarge NATO.

Mary Elise Sarotte interviewed on International Security Off the Page podcast, 1/15

Military implications of great power competition.

Mara Karlin interviewed on Center for Strategic and International Studies Defense 2020 podcast, 1/15

European countries trigger diplomatic provision of Iran nuclear deal.

Sanam Vakil interviewed on NPR All Things Considered, 1/14

Is this Iran's 'Chernobyl moment'?

Sanam Vakil quoted on CNN, 1/14

China’s infrastructure finance model is changing. Here’s how.

Deborah Bräutigam cited in The African Report, 1/14