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Johns Hopkins SAIS is actively monitoring the global COVID-19 outbreak, focusing on the health and well-being of the university community. CLICK HERE for additional information, including spring semester reopening plans.

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In the News

Thomas Rid interviewed on Sky News’ Into the Grey Zone podcast, 01/18

Vali Nasr quoted in Associated Press, 01/18

Benjamin Gedan quoted in Wall Street Journal, 01/18

Johannes Urpelainen interviewed in Energi Media, 1/16

Yascha Mounk hosted The Good Fight podcast, 01/16

Thomas Rid interviewed on Irregular Warfare podcast, 01/16

Sanam Vakil quoted in The Independent, 01/15

Charles Stevenson wrote in The Hill, 01/15

Gianfranco Pasquino wrote in EUObserver, 01/15

Jennifer Kates quoted in The Lanclet, 01/15

Francis J. Gavin wrote in Texas National Security Review, 01/15

Christopher Sands quoted in Calgary Herald, 01/14

Edward P. Joseph wrote in Foreign Policy, 01/14

Ho-Fung Hung quoted in Politico, 01/14

Daniel Hamilton participated in PolandPISM webinar, 01/14

Eugene Finkel interviewed in Johns Hopkins Hub, 01/14

Jason Fichtner quoted on CNBC, 01/14

David Ellwood wrote for USC Center on Public Diplomacy’s CPD Blog, 01/14

Sanam Vakil wrote for Chatham House, 01/14

Sanam Vakil interviewed on World Politics Review’s Trend Lines podcast, 01/14