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In the News

The dictators’ last stand.

Yascha Mounk wrote in Foreign Affairs, 8/16

Grid inefficiencies releasing 1B tons of GHGs.

Sarah Jordaan quoted in E&E News, 8/15

Kashmir’s change of status.

Daniel Markey interviewed on BBC World News, 8/15

Hong Kong waits for Beijing’s next move. Here’s what the experts say.

Andrew Mertha wrote in The Washington Post Monkey Cage blog, 8/15

Amid souring relations, U.S. appoints experienced Asia diplomat to Cambodia.

Andrew Mertha quoted on Voice of America Cambodia, 8/15

No urgency on Kosovo-Serbia dialogue.

Daniel Serwer cited in Gazeta Express, 8/15

Argentina's inconsistency spooks investors.

Benjamin N. Gedan interviewed on CNN, 8/14

Argentine peso sells off against dollar for second day.

Benjamin N. Gedan interviewed on CNN, 8/14

Italy: This time is different.

Erik Jones wrote for International Institute for Strategic Studies, 8/14