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In the News

Sarah Parkinson wrote for Political Violence at a Glance, 6/29

Yascha Mounk cited in Courthouse News Service, 6/29

Francis Fukuyama interviewed on NHK World, 6/29

Hal Brands quoted in Boston Herald, 6/29

Dean Eliot A. Cohen and Francis J. Gavin quoted in Johns Hopkins Hub, 6/29

Arthur Appleton cited in Capital Ethiopia Newspaper, 6/28

Thomas Rid’s book excerpt included in Engadget, 6/27

Yascha Mounk wrote in The Atlantic, 6/27

Erik Jones participated in EBLC Northern Light Online Summit, 6/26

Joshua White interviewed on Hopkins Podcast on Foreign Relations, 6/26

Hal Brands wrote in Bloomberg Opinion, 6/26

Carla Freeman and Hal Brands participated in Library of Congress webinar, 6/26

Andrew Mertha quoted in South China Morning Post, 6/26

Matthew Rojansky wrote in War on the Rocks, 6/25

Thomas Rid’s book cited in Financial Times, 6/25

Arthur Appleton quoted in The Lancet, 6/25

Kristina Spohr participated in University of Cambridge webinar, 6/25

Daniel Serwer quoted on Voice of America, 6/25

Joe Renouard wrote in The Diplomat, 6/25

Dean Eliot A. Cohen cited in The National Interest, 6/25