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Johns Hopkins SAIS is actively monitoring the global COVID-19 outbreak, with particular focus on the health and well-being of the university community. CLICK HERE for additional resources and virtual events.

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In the News

Nora Bensahel quoted in The New York Times, 5/20

Anne Applebaum interviewed on Australian Broadcasting Corporation Radio, 5/19

Anne Applebaum and Yascha Mounk participated in webinar for The Atlantic, 5/19

Thomas Rid cited in Brookings Institution’s TechStream, 5/18

Erik Jones quoted in The Telegraph, 5/18

Daniel Hamilton quoted in U.S. News and World Reporter, 5/18

Ho-Fung Hung quoted in The Guardian, 5/18

Deborah Bräutigam quoted in Bloomberg, 5/18

Sam Asher cited in Livemint, 5/18

Vali Nasr interviewed on China Current, 5/18

Ho-Fung Hung quoted in The Guardian, 5/17

Erik Jones interviewed for Aspen Institute Italia, 5/15

Anne Applebaum wrote in The Atlantic, 5/15

Mara Karlin interviewed on Oh My World web show, 5/15

Filipe Campante wrote for NBC News, 5/15

Thomas Rid’s book cited in The Economist, 5/14

Anne Applebaum cited in Daily Express, 5/14

Christopher Sands quoted in National Post, 5/14

Michael Leigh participated in Bruegel discussion, 5/14

Thomas Rid wrote in The Washington Post, 5/13