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Tuition and Financial Aid | Certificate in Chinese and American Studies + MAIA

We understand that attending graduate school is a serious financial commitment. However, we strongly believe that attending Johns Hopkins SAIS is one of the most valuable investments you can make towards your future.

Tuition and Costs for the Certificate in Chinese and American Studies + MAIA

Once you are admitted to the program, our team of financial aid professionals will work with you to make your education as affordable as possible. We will also help you understand and explore all of your financing options. After factoring in all sources of support, your out-of-pocket costs may be much lower than the published tuition rates and fees.

Tuition and Fees Cost of Attendance

Financial Aid for Students

Johns Hopkins SAIS offers substantial scholarships based on a combination of merit and need. All students admitted to the Hopkins-Nanjing Center are guaranteed to receive a scholarship for their time in Nanjing. The school also offers named scholarships to support applicants with diverse backgrounds, leadership and academic experience, and previous work experience.

Our team of dedicated financial aid professionals is available to help you to explore all of your funding opportunities and navigate the financial aid process. 

Scholarship Opportunities Financial Aid