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Collaborating for Excellence

Partnership between Howard University and Johns Hopkins SAIS offers students the best of two great institutions with direct admission, inter-college registration, and immersive summer academies

Howard University is a leading research-intensive historically Black university renowned for its academic excellence - where students are not just shaping the future; they’re redefining it. Johns Hopkins SAIS is one of the world’s top schools of international relations and policy, preparing tomorrow’s leaders through cutting-edge coursework designed to solve real-world problems. A unique partnership combines the strengths and stellar reputations of both institutions.

Direct Admission

Johns Hopkins SAIS offers a Direct Admission option for seniors graduating from Howard University’s College of Arts and Sciences—from the Honors Program or from chosen departments such as African Studies, Economics, History, Sociology, Criminology, and Earth, Environment and Equity, as well as select concentrations in Interdisciplinary Studies, and/or Political Science. The application cycle takes place at the beginning of a student’s final undergraduate year.
Direct Admission is open to all students in relevant undergraduate degree programs who meet the admissions criteria, regardless of their racial or ethnic backgrounds, or citizenship status. Undergraduate students, preferably in honors programs, with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher would be eligible for direct admission in a participating SAIS master’s degree or certificate program. Applicants would have to meet the specific requirements and prerequisites of the desired degree in order to be eligible.
Students complete a streamlined application. An interview would be strongly recommended to both evaluate the candidate and provide information on SAIS offerings. Students qualifying for direct admission would receive a minimum tuition scholarship ranging from 50% up to full tuition for selected SAIS degree programs.

SAIS, a division of Johns Hopkins University, is not formally part of the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area. The Consortium allows students of member institutions to register for a course at another member institution—increasing the number of available course options. Instead, SAIS has a unique relationship with Howard that allows Howard's juniors and seniors in good academic standing to register for selected SAIS graduate-level courses. SAIS and Howard identify a set of courses that align with Howard students’ areas of study. Students receive credit for the completed courses toward their undergraduate degree, and if they later apply and are accepted into a SAIS program, may receive graduate-level credit toward an eligible SAIS degree.

With its home in Washington, D.C. and two campuses abroad—in Bologna, Italy, and Nanjing, China— SAIS has a global reach that gives its students unmatched opportunities for learning across three continents. Students benefit immensely from enriching exchange programs, cross-campus courses and joint research initiatives. SAIS also offers a four-week summer program where students explore topics in international affairs in Bologna, Italy, or in Washington, D.C.—through immersive educational and cultural experiences. Past topics in Bologna focused on conflict management and resolution. In Washington, D.C., topics focused on national security and intelligence. Class sessions with world-class scholars are offered in the morning, followed by afternoon site visits and lectures by renowned practitioners, experts and government officials. On-the-ground learning experiences in the Bologna Academy may include visits to Pisa, Milan and the Amalfi Coast. Past visits in the Washington Academy have included Capitol Hill, embassies, the CIA headquarters, and the offices of Facebook and Google. Students learn through case studies, simulations and interactive role-playing exercises. Both SAIS and Howard offer scholarship opportunities toward tuition, fees, and housing. Full and partial scholarships are available for selected students.

Summer Academies

Executive Education Program

Direct Admission Program Overview

  • Apply in your final undergraduate year.

  • Submit a fast-track online application and meet specific requirements and pre-requisites of desired degree program; application fee is waived.

  • Students accepted via direct admission receive between a 50% -100% tuition scholarship.

  • For more information, please contact SAIS Admissions.