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Discover SAIS Europe

Each fall, as students from around the world arrive on campus, a unique, intellectual community is created and lifelong friendships and networks are formed. Studying at SAIS Europe allows you to live and study in the heart of Italy with quick and easy access to the rest of Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. The video below gives you a view of what the SAIS Europe experience looks like, even this year during a global pandemic.


In their own words

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Global Careers

Through individual coaching, networking events, employer presentations, skills courses, career treks, and more our global team of career professionals will help you navigate your job search.


Our faculty at SAIS Europe

An international faculty committed to policy through scholarship.

Explore Bologna

Bologna, Italy is a city at the intersection of tradition and innovation. With the oldest university in Europe and more than 90,000 students each year, the city hosts a lively academic community and is recognized worldwide for its cultural openness (and culinary excellence!).


Connect with Us

Please contact the SAIS Europe admissions team for questions or if you want to be connected with a current student and/or alumnus/a for more information.