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The Center for Canadian Studies has a number of ongoing research projects. For more information on specific projects, see the items below. Members of the Johns Hopkins community interested in opportunities to get involved should contact Christopher Sands

Policy Consulting Practicum

Each Spring, the Center for Canadian Studies organizes a graduate practicum on policy consulting with a Canadian government serving as the course client. A formal Memorandum of Understanding serves as the consulting contract, and the client provides research questions at the outset. Students in the course work as a team to organize the research, often involving review of extant studies, interviews with experts, and original analysis.

Recent Practicum teams have addressed:

Spring 2015
Topic: Retention and Expansion of the Automotive Industry in Ontario
Client: Government of Ontario | Ministry of Economic Development, Employment, and Infrastructure

Spring 2016
Topic: How can small markets with public health care systems regulate and participate in Gene Therapies, Biologic Drugs, and Personalized Medicines
Client: Government of Canada | Health Products and Food Branch, Health Canada

Spring 2017
Topic: Societal and Policy Implications of Natural Gas Sector Development
Client: Government of British Columbia | Ministry of Natural Gas Development

Spring 2018
Topic: Federal Support Strategies for Business Innovation and Clean Technology
Client: Government of Canada | Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Sponsored Research

The Center for Canadian Studies conducts research with support from governments, business, and philathropy. SAIS students are given opportunities to ehnace their graduate education in international economics and public policy at Johns Hopkins by participating as field researchers and data analysts under the supervision of a faculty member.

Current research:

Title: In Defense of North America: NORAD at 60, US Northern Command at 15
Topic: The future of US-Canadian defense cooperation in response to changing threats and technologies
Sponsor: Government of Canada | Department of National Defence
Partner: Merrill Center for Strategic Studies, Johns Hopkins SAIS

Recent research:

Title: Horizontal Review of Business Innovation and Clean Technology Support by the Government of Canada
Topic: Federal Support for Innovation in Canada
Sponsor: Government of Canada | Treasury Board Secretariat
Completed: 2017

Title: Improving NAFTA through Renegotiation
Topic: Ideas and Strategies for Canada to Advance through Renegotiation of NAFTA
Sponsor: Business Council of Canada
Completed: 2017

Title: US-Canada Regulatory Cooperation
Topic: Verifying Obstacles Government to Government Sharing of Funding and Information
Sponsors: Government of the United States | Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in the Office of Managment and Budget and the Government of Canada | Privy Council Office
Partner: Dickinson Wright PLLC
Completed: 2016

Title: Intellectual Property Rights and the Promotion of Biologics, Medical Devices, and Trade in Pharmaceuticals
Topic: The Calculus of Convergence: Intellectual Property Rights for Pharmaceuticals and the Global Trade Agenda
Sponsor: The Fraser Institute
Completed: 2016