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2017 Hopkins-Nanjing Center Commencement

On June 9, the Hopkins-Nanjing Center held its thirty-first commencement to celebrate students completing the one-year Certificate of Graduate Studies and two-year Master of Arts in International Studies (MAIS) programs.

Managing Director at Branded Retail Tristate Holdings Limited Josh Perlman (HNC ’95) delivered this year’s keynote address. Mr. Perlman addressed the current global political climate and how HNC graduates can use their unique education and deeper understanding of Sino-U.S. relations to create opportunities for growth and lead a world that is more “tolerant, peaceful, and prosperous.” He concluded by sharing anecdotes about life during his time as a student at the HNC where he met his wife, Yan Yunqing (HNC ’95)—his next-door neighbor on the third floor of the HNC residence hall.

Several alumni from the Class of 1995, including Chairman and CEO of Beijing Mountain Capital Group and Merger China Group Qi Kezhan, shared their experiences attending at the HNC and how the connections they made transformed their lives and careers.

Nanjing University’s Senior Vice Chancellor Yang Zhong delivered congratulatory remarks to the students stressing the value for the HNC to continue “to help the American people understand the real China, and to help Chinese people understand the real America.”

Students Lyu Xiaoyu and Joaquin Matek delivered remarks in their target language to their peers highlighting some of the most memorable moments from this past year at the HNC.

American Co-Director David Davies delivered closing remarks about the uniqueness of the Hopkins-Nanjing Center and the important educational work that the Center makes possible every year.