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Africa from the Present to the Future

April 3, 2019

Romano Prodi, former President of the European Commission and former Italian Prime Minister
Jean-Leonard Touadi, writer and journalist and Senior Advisor, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Italy

SAIS Europe hosted a discussion on Africa and its future in collaboration with the opening of the exhibit “Ex Africa” at the Bologna Museum of Civic Archeology. As part of the event, Bologna Institute of Policy Research Director Filippo Taddei moderated a discussion between Romano Prodi and Jean-Leonard Touadi for insights into the pressing themes related to Africa today while harnessing the lessons learned from the past as displayed in the exhibit.

After his terms as president of the European Commission and prime minister of Italy, Prodi served as the United Nation’s Special Envoy for the Sahel and currently chairs the Foundation for Worldwide Cooperation. Touadi is an Italian professor and journalist originally from the Republic of Congo and has been a leading voice on African issues in the Italian political space. Prodi and Touadi shared unique and personal perspectives ranging from the increasing role of China on the continent, a new “Marshall Plan” to kickstart Africa's growth, and its potential for collaboration in terms of migration, security, and economic projects.

Ex Africa is the most extensive collection of African art and culture ever displayed in Italy and features more than 700 African masterpieces telling the story of Africa and its complex identities through the universality of art. SAIS Europe welcomed the exhibit as an opportunity to discuss more deeply the role of Africa in the world, it’s inter-connectivity to Europe, and both its future obstacles and prospects for growth.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="2500.0"] Pictured from left to right: Jean-Leonard Touadi, Filippo Taddei, and Romano Prodi Pictured from left to right: Jean-Leonard Touadi, Filippo Taddei, and Romano Prodi [/caption]