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A Conversation with HBO's Richard Plepler

A Conversation with Richard Plepler, Chairman and CEO of HBO
March 10, 2016

In an era when networks and content are proliferating, viewing habits have shifted dramatically, and competition for top talent is heating up, HBO's Richard Plepler joined the Johns Hopkins SAIS community for a lively discussion on the challenges and opportunities of leading a global creative brand. As a self-professed political junkie and amateur student of international affairs, Plepler is proud of HBO's commitment to projects with social and pedagogical value, such as A Girl In the River, a documentary about an 18-year old Pakistani girl who survives an honor killing, and The Diplomat, a documentary about the life and career of U.S. statesman Richard Holbrooke.

Plepler explained that HBO has been proactive about changing its business model to retain its edge. He cited examples including the growth of localized content in underserved markets and creative strategies to enter markets where its brand does not have a built-in advantage over local competitors.

At the close of an insightful and candid discussion, Plepler shared spoilers and unveiled an exclusive Game of Thrones Season 6 trailer before it went live to the public.