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Crisis Stability In Space

Dean Cheng, Senior Research Fellow, Heritage Foundation
Bruce MacDonald, Professorial Lecturer in the Energy, Resources and Environment Program
Karl Mueller, Adjunct Associate Professor at Georgetown University and political scientist, RAND Corp.
Victoria Samson, Washington Office Director, Secure World Foundation
Mallory Stewart, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Emerging Security Challenges and Defense Policy, U.S. Department of State

September 15, 2016

The Foreign Policy Institute celebrated the launch of its newest study, "Crisis Stability In Space," with a panel discussion of experts in space policy. Bruce MacDonald of the Johns Hopkins SAIS Energy, Resources and Environment program highlighted the inherent instability of space as one of its unique challenges, particularly the danger for a potential space war with China. 

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Mallory Stewart delivered the keynote address, emphasizing the Obama administration's desire to increase situational awareness and transparency of all actions in space, whether by the United States, foreign countries, or private companies. She also stressed the current active dialogue between the U.S. and China regarding space policies, including the recent agreement between President Obama and President Xi Jinping about the danger of space debris.

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