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By Date

Spring 2019

Celebrating the Class of 2019, May 22
Launching the Condoleezza Rice Women Who Inspire Lecture Series, May 2
Leadership In the Context of National Security, May 2
Defending Our Country and Restoring US Leadership, April 30
Maximum Pressure: Iran in the Age of Trump, April 29
CTRL+ALT+Fashion: Manufacturing Iranian Identity, April 18
China’s Move Into the High-Income Category, April 12
The Third Pillar: How Markets and the State Leave the Community Behind, April 12
Open House 2019, April 10
Why America Matters: 3rd Annual Betty Lou Hummel Memorial Lecture, April 9
America’s Changing Role in Global Affairs, April 5
7th Annual Global Women in Leadership Conference, April 4
The Future of British Foreign Policy: Security and Diplomacy in a World After Brexit, April 2
Disaster Strikes Again: Agriculture Resiliency in the Face of Climate Shocks, March 29
Green New Deal Dialogue: The Politics and Implementation of US Climate Policy, March 14
Bridging America’s Civil-Military Divide, March 7
The Black Pacific: Oceania and Black Internationalism, March 6
Emergence Sea: The Identities of Black American Descendants of Slaves, February 27
From War to Peace in the Balkans, the Middle East, and Ukraine, February 13
The Mouse is Mightier than the Sword, February 6
Democracy in Retreat, February 5
Engaging Underrepresented Alumni, January 31

Fall 2018

A Preface to Strategy: The Foundations of American National Security, December 11
SAIS China & HNC Graduation Reception, December 11
Mexico Under Misplaced Monopolies, December 6
The Commission on the National Defense Strategy of the United States, November 28
A Conversation with Madeleine K. Albright, November 28
Service, Selflessness, and Commitment, November 12
International Dinner, November 10
United States National Security Policy, November 8
Identity Politics Inside Out: National Identity Contestation and Foreign Policy in Turkey, November 8
What do the elections mean for American Foreign Policy?, November 7
Walking Blindfolded into the Abyss, October 30
Before the Age of Prejudice, October 25
Reconstruction Starts Here: Building a Better Future for Syrian Refugee Youth, October 24
Focus on the Story: How Photography Shapes Our Understanding of the Human Condition, October 23
Reunion Weekend 2018, October 19-21
Japan’s New Golden Age, October 17
Defense Innovation Board Public Meeting, October 10
How to Thrive in Our Age of Accelerations, October 9
Building a Global Democratic Movement to Counter Authoritarianism, October 9
The United States, Europe, and World Order, October 3
Access and Energy in Africa, October 2
Bridging the Partisan Divide: Challenges and Opportunities for Rising Leaders, September 26
82 Names: Syria, Please Don’t Forget Us, September 25
Voting: Uses & Abuses, September 24
The Global Empowerment of Women and the Impact of Women of Color on Public Policy, September 19
Identity and Global Politics: A Discussion with Francis Fukuyama, September 18
The Legacy of Zbigniew Brzezinski, September 17
US vs. Them: The Failure of Globalism, September 10
A Conversation on Affordable and Clean Energy for All, September 10

Spring 2018

The Future of US Leadership with Bill Gates, June 27
Digital Challenges to the International System, May 31
Defense and Security in the Baltic Sea, May 9
Reflections on a Life Lived Fully with Gloria Estefan, May 9
A conversation on North Korea with Admiral Mike Mullen, May 8
Political Risk in the 21st Century, May 2
Diversity in the U.S. Military and the Contributions of the Sikh-American Community, April 27
Building Resilience to the Economic Threat of Invasive Species, April 25
Pakistan Beyond Seventy: The Long View, April 16
Open House 2018, April 11
Capitalism in the Age of Robots, April 10
Navigation By Judgment, April 9
Witness: Aleppo, Sights, Sounds & Stories from Pre-War Syria, April 3
Competing Visions for Asia's Future: 7th Annual Asia Conference, March 30
Marching Into an Equal Future: 6th Annual Conference of Global Women in Leadership, March 29
What Drives Extremism in Pakistan?, March 15
International Women's Day at Washington Post, March 8
The Case for Restraint in Foreign Policy, March 6
A Conversation on Free Trade and Globalization, March 5
Discourse for Diplomats, February 23
Panama: Committed to Democracy, Transparency and Stability, February 20
Reparations for Slavery and the Slave Trade, February 15
The Future of Europe, February 13
A Conversation with Susan Rice, February 13
15 Stories of Hope, Change, and Justice, February 1
Black History Month at Johns Hopkins SAIS, February
Outlining a New National Defense Strategy for the US, January 19

Fall 2017

SAIS China and Hopkins-Nanjing Center Graduation Reception, December 14
How to Win Elections in Africa: Parallels with Donald Trump, December 5
The Trump Effect, November 28
Reflections on America and the World in the Trump Era, November 16
Abenomics and Womenomics, November 14
International Dinner 2017, November 11
The Retreat of Western Liberalism, November 9
New US Strategies for Afghanistan and South Asia, November 2
2017 Max M. Fisher Prize for Excellence in Teaching, November 1
Is Pakistan a Challenge or Opportunity for the US?, October 30
The US Marine Corps in the Pacific, October 26
Women Who Inspire, October 23
Iraq's Political Compass and Regional Priorities, October 17
Launching the Initiative for Sustainable Energy Policy, October 16
What Good is Diplomacy, October 16
10th and 25th Reunion Classes Return to Washington, DC, October 13
Extraordinary Somalia, October 12
Twenty Years after the Asian Financial Crises, October 12
Hispanic Heritage Month at Johns Hopkins SAIS, September-October
Pakistan's Efforts in Internal and Regional Security, October 11
Lantos Rule of Law Lecture, October 10
Perspectives on US-China Relations in a Time of Rapid Change, October 9
Risks and Consequences of Foreign Interventions, October 5
Natural Gas in Europe: Finding the Balance Between Market and Geopolitical Challenges, September 29
The David H. Bernstein Forum, September 28
US-China Relations in the Era of Trump and Xi Jinping, September 27
A Discussion on Social Enterprise in Ghana, September 22
Evaluating Asset-Market Effects of Unconventional Monetary Policy, September 21
How to Thrive in A Washington Career, September 20
Ontario's View on Renegotiating NAFTA, September 14
The Art of Diplomacy, September 13  

Spring 2017

Celebrating the Class of 2017  5/25/2017
SAIS Europe Celebrates the Class of 2017  5/20/2017
A Presentation on Northern European Security  5/16/2017
Democracy: Stories From the Long Road to Freedom, with Condoleezza Rice  5/12/2017
Which Europe After the French Election?  5/12/2017
The Future of Liberalism In Europe: Taking Stock After the French Elections  5/11/2017
Cultural Diplomacy  5/8/2017
Advancing Canadian Interests and Defending Canadian Values in the United States  5/2/2017
A Conversation with author Anne Hillerman  4/27/2017
Securing a Sustainable Future: Global Women in Leadership Annual Conference  4/21/2017
A Conversation on Building Europe's Future  4/20/2017
The 4th Industrial Revolution: Opportunities and Challenges  4/19/2017
The Political Economy of Gender in Africa  4/14/2017
Pakistan Today: The Case for US-Pakistan Relations  4/13/2017
Nothing for Women Without Women: Raising Voices for Change  4/12/2017
Women's Leadership and the New World (Dis)Order  4/10/2017
Becoming a Highly Successful Entrepreneur: A Conversation With Jeffrey Raider  4/6/2017
A Conversation With General Michael Hayden  4/4/2017
Arctic Security Conference: Hot Spot or Cold Front?  4/3/2017
US-Asia Relations: Past and Future  3/31/2017
The Rise of Populism: A Global Approach  3/30/2017
The Causes of Wars  3/27/2017
The Unraveling of the Global Order: Asia Adjusts  3/24/2017
International Development and Supply Chain Innovation: A West Elm Case Study  3/15/2017
Culture Change at the State Department: Inclusive Government Leaders Share Their Insights    3/6/2017
A Conversation with Ambassador Deborah Jones  3/6/2017
SAIS' Got Talent  3/4/2017
Negotiation Opportunities and the Challenges Ahead  2/27/2017
The Challenges of Security and Development in Africa  2/27/2017|
The Point of Intersection: Hillary Clinton, Beyonce, and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie  2/24/2017|
Lessons from the Last Mile: Reflections on a Career Shaped by the Peace Corps  2/15/2017
A Conversation on Asia's Economic Challenges  2/13/2017
Who's Coming to the Embassy Tonight?  2/13/2017
New Challenges for the Refugee Regime  2/7/2017
A Conversation with TIAA CEO Roger W. Ferguson, Jr  2/3/2017
The Big Stick: The Limits of Soft Power and the Necessity of Military Force  2/2/2017
Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies  2/2/2017
The Future of Afghanistan and the Region in the New Administration  1/9/2017
The Way Ahead: The US-Japan Relationship Under the Trump-Abe Administrations  1/6/2017
EIA's Annual Energy Outlook for 2017  1/5/2017