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December 2019 - Addressing climate change through cross-sector collaboration

The Brief

December 9, 2019 

Addressing climate change through cross-sector collaboration

Johns Hopkins SAIS experts discussed the need for public and private cooperation and for the food and energy industries to work with policymakers to address climate change.

Assistant Professor of International Relations Nina Hall wrote in Asia & Pacific Policy Society’s Policy Forum that more nations should approach climate concerns like New Zealand has by “carefully listening to and collaborating with those who are most immediately affected by climate change.” Read more

Director and Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Professor of Energy, Resources and Environment Johannes Urpelainen contributed to research published in Global Policy that reviewed national and subnational strategies for reaching deep decarbonizing goals and lauded the United Kingdom for having “one of the most politically durable long-term climate strategies that also codifies a system in which the government must revisit its climate policies on a five-yearly basis.” Read more

Assistant Professor of Energy, Resources and Environment Jonas Nahm wrote about the need for governments worldwide to partner to combat climate change in a co-authored Science Magazine piece that argues “collaboration was central to the emergence of contemporary renewable energy technologies, and collaboration will be equally important in rapid decarbonization through deployment of low-carbon energy technologies.” Read more

In assessing the relationship between governments and the food industry, Bloomberg Distinguished Associate Professor of Ethics & Global Food and Agriculture Jessica Fanzo co-wrote an article in The Guardian emphasizing that food systems need to be radically reshaped to address the climate crisis, noting that “we need governments and the food industry to make it easier” by investing in public health information and implementing policies to promote healthy eating. Read more

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