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Energy, Resources and Environment Students Awarded Top Prizes at the 2019 ACLCA Conference

Pictured (left to right): John Harrison Poor, Marjorie Dodson, Professor Sarah Jordaan, and Dr. Sakineh Tavakkoli.

October 11, 2019

The American Center for Life Cycle Assessment (ACLCA) annual conference, held September 24-26 in Tucson, Arizona, included in part of its program a competition recognizing outstanding poster presentations. We congratulate our student award recipients of each category:
First prize: Marjorie Dodson, MA ‘20/Energy, Resources and Environment (ERE)
Poster Title: Life Cycle Assessment of Grid-scale Lithium Ion Batteries
Second Prize: John Harrison Poor, MA ‘19/Energy, Resources and Environment (ERE)
Poster Title: Big Differences Among "Environmentally Friendly" Disposables: An LCA Comparison of Disposable Tableware
Both Marjorie and John had been enrolled in Professor Sarah Jordaan's Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) course, which allows students to develop their own real-world LCA on a product of their choice throughout the semester.
At ACLCA, Marjorie and John were provided the opportunity to present their research for critique by experts in the field. During the conference, Marjorie found it very interesting to see a variety of presentations, including many that were relevant to her academic interests as well as those that exposed her to research and industries she had limited prior knowledge of before attending the conference.
Furthermore, the conference allowed Marjorie and John the opportunity to build their network and receive valuable career insights from practitioners who attended the conference. In fact, John received a job offer and Marjorie the opportunity to collaborate with a PhD candidate whose research she cited in her analysis.
Overall, attending the conference was an incredibly enriching experience for Marjorie and John and they hope that other students at Johns Hopkins SAIS will have the same opportunity in the future.  The students were provided the opportunity to attend the event with support from Professor Jordaan’s 2019 Catalyst Award.