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March 2020: Misinformation presents obstacles as countries respond to coronavirus

The Brief

March 9, 2020

As countries strategize to combat the spread of coronavirus, Johns Hopkins SAIS experts addressed how misinformation has influenced the response to the global outbreak.
Dean Eliot A. Cohen wrote in The Atlantic that governments responding to coronavirus are at the "mercy of individuals who have incentives to misrepresent the truth or temporarily suppress it.”
Director of SAIS China Andrew Mertha discussed the Chinese government's shaky response to the outbreak in The Hill, writing that its decentralized government “incentivizes local leaders to cover up bad news.”
Aronson Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Studies Sarah Parkinson discussed the global outbreak's impact in the Middle East with The Straits Times’ Asian Insider warning that people are taking the opportunity to “forward particular political narratives about refugees” as threats. Watch here

Professor of Strategic Studies Thomas Rid warned in Bloomberg that social media allows conspiracy theories related to coronavirus to “spread more widely and are more persistent in the sense that you can’t undo them.”

Senior Fellow of International Affairs and Agora Fellow in Residence Anne Applebaum cautioned in an op-ed for The Atlantic that we will be able to count the cost of dishonesty in responses to coronavirus “in the numbers of deaths, in the spread of disease, in the numbers of people who ignore quarantines or precautions.”
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