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The Master of Arts in Global Policy’s International Negotiation Simulation

The mastery of negotiation is essential for any global leader. Over the course of a three-day residency in Baltimore, Maryland the Master of Arts in Global Policy (MAGP) provided its students an opportunity to hone their skills.

MAGP students kicked off the residency with two-level games, bargaining simulations, and international coalition-making exercises. Along the way, Dr. Sinisa Vukovic explained negotiating concepts and offered tips on practical tactics.

Day 2 featured the residency’s hallmark event: an all-day crisis simulation that ran into the early hours of the morning. Working in teams, student negotiators had to resolve a fictitious international conflict while remaining loyal to their respective home governments. Day 3 wrapped up the residency with reflection and analysis of the simulation, unraveling the successes, failures, and miscalculations of the previous day. Students also discussed the negotiating challenges posed by different cultural and personality types and considered how to translate their experiences to their professional jobs.

In addition to all their hard work, the students visited the Johns Hopkins University campus in Baltimore (with a first stop at the campus bookstore for Hopkins-branded apparel) and dined at the University Club with MAGP alumni.

Sporting new JHU gear and armed with negotiation concepts, MAGP students now head into their third module of courses. In addition to core classes in international development and conflict management, students will have a choice of three electives: Political Violence, Economies of Adversary and Competitor Nations, and Geopolitics of Energy.

To learn more about MAGP, please visit our website here.