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Nina: Once a Bolognese always a Bolognese

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While working in supply chains, Nina became passionate about sustainability, particularly reducing greenhouse gas emissions in materials production and waste. After feeling as though she wanted to do more with sustainability on a grander scale, Nina applied to SAIS to learn the foundations of climate policy and how to leverage this knowledge to make more informed and impactful decisions in supply chains. SAIS Europe’s location offered Nina a great opportunity to learn about climate from inside the world’s oldest and most dedicated environmental advocate: the EU. After SAIS, Nina wants to go back into the private sector to do sustainability strategy or work for a multilateral agency working in climate policy and research.

Nina loves studying in Bologna and the SAIS Europe community. Her favorite thing about Bologna is that it is both big enough to find new locations to explore and small enough to become a local at the cafe around the corner; “it simultaneously satisfies that urge to discover while also offering the comfort and warmth of a small town.” As for the SAIS Europe community, Nina loves the instant connection that she is able to build with alumni who also attended SAIS Europe over all the similar experiences that they share. For example, “when you talk to someone who has lived in Bologna and gone to SAIS, you have this immediate connection and at least one joke about the Bologna housing situation.” She also loves that it is the kind of tight-knit community that helps each other out, whether for a job or to find the best gelato place in Bologna (which Nina claims is La Sorbetteria).

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