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SAIS Runs in the Family

photo of Joy

Joy Jiang
MAIR '21 

Q: What encouraged you to apply to Johns Hopkins SAIS?
A: The alumni network and city lifestyle! My mother is an alumna of the Hopkins-Nanjing Center. I was brought to SAIS alumni events since my childhood. DC is also my favorite city because it is vibrant and dynamic. Every time I get out of Dupont Circle Metro station, there is someone playing the violin or singing. It is just amazing.
Q: What were you doing before attending the school?
A: I just finished my undergraduate degree, majoring in International Politics at Fudan University in Shanghai, China. I had completed several internships in China, and I was looking to build upon my professional knowledge to advance my career. After researching graduate schools, I felt that SAIS would be the best fit for me.
Q: Will you be participating in any virtual practicums or career treks?
A: I will be joining the virtual Energy, Resources and Environment practicum this year and I have attended several virtual career treks. To be honest, I found the virtual practicum experience great because we are given the opportunity to speak with people from all over the world.
Q: What has been one of your favorite experiences at the school so far?
A: I love meeting and talking with new classmates. I once casually discussed with my language partner issues pertaining to the Chinese-Mongolian territory; other students joined in and debated with each other and contributed marvelous ideas. All voices can be heard at the school, even though we are from so many different backgrounds.
Q:  What are your thoughts on the student body/faculty?
A: As a Chinese student, I found it amazing that almost one-third of our cohort can speak Chinese. Maybe it is because we have a Nanjing center, but I would say it is because students at SAIS are eager to embrace different cultures and languages (not only Chinese). I find it easier to communicate within the SAIS community than other places, given that many students are familiar with Chinese culture, background, social norms, and political structures. It is always a pleasant surprise to see an international school that has such strong emphasis on all the regions and countries all over the world, and I think this is what SAIS is all about.

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