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Gaining a Broad Perspective on Public Service Through a Dual Degree

photo of Alejandro

Alejandro Alfaro Aco
MA ‘17
Latin American Studies

Alejandro applied to Johns Hopkins SAIS because he wanted to study how big data could revolutionize government in the developing world. He was drawn to the school’s unique program —a combination of international relations and economics perspectives, a top-notch location, and passionate alumni base, as well as the wide range of dual degree options with top institutions around the world.

Combining his Johns Hopkins SAIS degree with an MPA degree from Syracuse University has given Alejandro a broader perspective of public service and has enabled him to grow his appreciation for the management and organizational aspects that impact service delivery in developing countries.

Prior to studying at the school, Alejandro’s interest in international affairs developed from his different experiences living and working in Latin America. In 2011-12, Alejandro was a Princeton in Latin America Fellow at Metis Gaia, a government consulting firm based in Lima, Peru. This job honed his skills in areas such as research, project coordination, fieldwork, and forming effective relationships with individuals with different perspectives in order to complete projects and address program needs.

In addition to his academic work, Alejandro is a Spanish teaching assistant and an active member of the SAIS Consulting and LASP student clubs. Additionally, through the LASP summer internship program, he had the opportunity to intern with the Economic Productivity Unit at the Mexico’s Ministry of Finance.

With a combination of knowledge and passion for Latin America, Alejandro plans to utilize his graduate school experiences to pursue a career in government consulting and analytics.

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