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Trilateral Technology Leaders Training Program to Launch at Johns Hopkins SAIS in June 2024

Washington, D.C. – April 30, 2024 - The Trilateral Technology Leaders Training Program, announced by the White House at the Trilateral Leaders’ Summit at Camp David in August 2023, is set to commence at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in June 2024. Co-hosted by the Chey Institute for Advanced Studies, with founding sponsors including the NEC Corporation and Google, this three-week leadership development program will bring together mid-career government professionals from the United States, Japan, and the Republic of Korea for intensive training and collaboration.

“Understanding today’s rapidly advancing technologies and their policy implications serves as a foundation for our next generation of leaders to make critical decisions about how the technologies of the future should be governed,” explained Yoosuk KIM, President, Chey Institute for Advanced Studies. “The Trilateral Technology Leaders Training Program will provide opportunities for up-and-coming leaders to learn about today’s emerging technologies so that they can safely navigate the global challenges of tomorrow.” 

Designed to address the urgent need for effective governance of emerging technologies, the program will provide participants with advanced leadership skills and a deep understanding of global technological trends and policy-making frameworks. Fellows will engage in classroom sessions and co-curricular activities led by experts from SAIS and other divisions of Johns Hopkins, as well as distinguished figures from the policy and tech communities. 

Over the course of three weeks, participants will delve into key themes shaping the governance of emerging technologies, including semiconductors, artificial intelligence, quantum technology, biotechnology, cybersecurity, space exploration, and more. The program will emphasize interdisciplinary thinking, enabling participants to develop strategies for addressing the ethical, societal, and policy implications of technological advancements. 

“With the world increasingly connected through open networks, we face significant opportunities and risks in both the physical and cyber worlds,” said Shigehiro Tanaka, Corporate Senior Executive Vice President NEC Corporation. “Bringing together public policy officials from three major Trans-Pacific, like-minded countries—Republic of Korea, the United States, and Japan—to learn, discuss, collaborate, and cooperate on the social implementation and governance of advanced technologies is significant. We have high expectations for the future success and advancement of this program.”

Week one will focus on a rigorous introduction to technical foundations with leading scientists, engineers, and technical experts providing important insight. In week two, participants will engage in discussions with policy experts from Johns Hopkins SAIS, the White House, the Biden Administration, NGOs, and think tanks to explore the national and international policy implications of emerging technologies. The final week, held in Silicon Valley, will provide participants with hands-on experience through visits to entrepreneurs and industry leaders, AI labs, semiconductor firms, space pioneers, and university experts.

"Emerging technologies such as AI and quantum computing promise to deliver enormous benefits to humanity and require sound governance frameworks," said Karan Bhatia, Vice President, Government Affairs and Public Policy, Google. "The Trilateral Technology Leaders Training Program will prepare rising leaders as they work to advance public policies that maximize technology's potential to solve big societal challenges, while minimizing its risks."

The Trilateral Technology Leaders Training Program is spearheaded at SAIS through the Emerging Technologies Initiative—a university-wide platform launched in 2023 and dedicated to exploring transformative technologies and their profound implications on global affairs. Building on the heritage of Johns Hopkins University as the United States’ first research university, the initiative ties the wealth of emerging scientific and technological research to emerging policy issues at the national and international level, through numerous convenings of students and alumni and educational programs such as the Trilateral Technology Leaders Training Program. 

“The rapid advance of emerging technologies will have a profound impact on every aspect of government policy,” said SAIS Dean Jim Steinberg. “Today’s decision makers need sophisticated understanding of the opportunities and challenges these technologies pose. This program will significantly enhance the capacity of the three governments to meet the needs of their citizens and enhance their ability to collaborate with each other.”

About the Trilateral Technology Leaders Training Program:

The Trilateral Technology Leaders Training Program is a collaborative initiative co-hosted by Johns Hopkins SAIS and the Chey Institute, with founding sponsors including the NEC Corporation and Google. The program aims to equip mid-career government professionals from the United States, Japan, and the Republic of Korea with advanced leadership skills and a deep understanding of global technological trends and policy-making frameworks. For more information, visit the program website

Johns Hopkins SAIS

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Chey Institute for Advanced Studies 
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NEC Corporation 
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