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China Studies Updates

The Breaking Point: The Emergence of Separate Knowledge and Information Systems Condemn the U.S. and China to Mutual Alienation

The school hosted a conversation on US-China relations amid the coronavirus pandemic.

2019 Rome Endowment Photo Contest Winner: Logan Ma!

Congrats to Logan Ma for winning this year's China Studies Rome Endowment photo contest.

China Studies Review Call for Student Submissions

The 2020 China Studies Review is now accepting student submissions through the end of the year!

Joshua Eisenman Presents "Insurmountable Asymmetry? Influence and Agency Along China’s #BeltandRoad"

Great turnout at the November 6 China Forum! Notre Dame Professor and SAIS alum Joshua Eisenman presents his research "Insurmountable Asymmetry?

Yan Xuetong Presents "US-China Competition and the International Order."

Tsinghua Professor and International Relations expert Yan Xuetong (阎学通) visits SAIS to present a fascinating--and poignantly timely--discussion on "US-China Competition and the International Order."